Tuesday, 12 January 2010

My Top 12 Make-Up Products

I wanted to share my favorite make-up products with you. These are the items that i usually wear every single day, and couldn't live without!

First up is 'Dior Skin Shimmer Powder'. I love this, the colour is beautiful! I use it on my cheek bones and brow bone. It leaves a subtle golden highlight. It lasts forever, i had this for over a year and it's still going strong. I use 'Amber shimmer'.

Max Factor Facefinity is my all time favorite product, i recommend to everyone! When put on over liquid foundation it gives your skin that 'airbrush' finish (honestly!), it feels lightweight but gives a great coverage. It also keeps your foundation in place all day. I can't rave about this enough! I use '06 Golden'.

I haven't used Benefit Hoola for that long, i recently twittered asking which bronzer was the best and most of you recommended this....and you were right! I love it, when applied it gives a lovely tanned finish. It doesn't look orange at all. It can look quite muddy if too much is applied. I do really like it, i have used a lot of bronzers in my time and this is by far the best!

I always use white eye liner on my water line, i love how it opens up the eye. I have always used white liner and have always been unimpressed with how they work, most of them barely come out when applied to the water line. I used to have to use a lighter to heat up the ends to make it show up on my eye! After coming across NYX Jumbo pencils i no longer need to do that, they come out amazingly and are so well pigmented. They are really hard to get hold of in the UK, but if you can get one i would highly recommend them!

I wear liquid eyeliner everyday without fail. I have worn it since i started wearing make-up! It really widens the eye. I am really fussy about the brush, i hate those super skinny ones that are quite long and bend easily. I like them to be thick and sturdy, i find it much easier to apply it with a thicker brush. I came across Barry M liquid liner over a year ago and will never go back, the application is easy and it stays on all day. If your looking for a good liquid liner this is the best one i have come across!

This foundation is amazing, it gives a very matte finish which i like. It can feel quite heavy, but i don't wear this everyday. The consistency is lovely, it evens out really well. It does stay on all day and all night (even on a night out!). I use shade 'Fresco'.

This Benefit 'Low Profile' eyeshadow is a fab base coat for eyeshadow. I put it all over my lid, it looks so natural and just evens everything out.

I know everyone raves about Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer, but i do love it to! It really works, i wear it mostly on nights out and it really brings out my eyeshadow and keeps it in place all night. Even when i go to wash it off it's really hard to!

I wear my Too Faced Glamour To Go palette almost everyday, i only really use the brown eye shadows. The colours are beautiful, and the compact kit is great for your bag. It's really convenient and pretty.

I wear Rimmel Professional eyebrow pencil everyday, after having chicken-pocks as a child i must have scratched one on my eyebrow and now i have a little scar where the hair doesn't grow back, nothing major but my eyebrows need the pencil to make them even. I love how this one has a little brush on the lid to tame your eyebrows first.

M.A.C cremestick lip liners are fab, they glide on so smoothly and i think they give a more natural finish than normal lip pencils as they are easier to blend. I use 'Caramellow' which is a natural brown, probably too dark for me but it was the only one i could get hold of at the time.

I love Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, it is so lightweight. I wear it all summer as it never feels cakey or thick. You can barely feel it but it covers nicely, very thin but it evens out skin tone.

You are probably wondering where my favorite mascara is? Well, i don't have one :( I am yet to find a good mascara that doesn't flake on my face. Thank god for false eyelashes!  I wear them all the time and would put them before mascara any-day.

I hope you liked my top 12. Do you use any of these? I would love to see your top make-up products :)



  1. Great post! :)
    I also love Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse.
    The formula is lovely, :D


  2. Thats so funny, I'm having the exact same problem with one of my eye-brows. Great post, as always. Love Facefinity. Should do such a post too. Hope I'll find the time to do.

    Lots of love
    Katinka Rosenrot

  3. Great picks! I love the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer! It's a must have!

  4. i use the exact same facefinity foundation!! in my eyes it's perfect for the summer, cause i can't wair so much liquid foundation when it's super hot. but the compact one is ideal (: and it works great with the dream matte mousse concealer -> perfect match ((: xoxo from italy

  5. do you know of any comparable products to facefinity? it's not available here in the states! If not, could you please share how you apply it?

  6. Hi, I love rimmel products! they are so affordable and always do the job. I didnt get on with the matte mousse though :(

  7. You should try CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara (the one in the orange tube!). It's fantastic!

  8. Some lovely picks.
    I think I may have to try Hoola now after much thought. I love Double Wear, the Barry M liner and Dream Matte Mousse... They'd definately feature in my top products too :)

  9. Some great picks, I have quite a few of those products though so I was bound to agree! I want to try the dior powder now it sounds gorge x

  10. I want to try the Dior powder too looks lovely!! And the Facefinity looks fab too. Great post hun :) xxx

  11. ive got a few of these and they are amazing!! i love too faced make up and urban decay, and use the dream matt mouse too! my fave mascara is out of avon and its called spectra lash, and its actualy amazing. it's got three different settings on it for a thin coat of mascara to a thick 1 for a night out. and also too faced lash injections for long lashes!! this is my faverouite by far, but has gone into liquidation in most places now :( soo sad!!

  12. What false eye lashes do you use, and how do you get them to look natural? I'm getting better at applying them, but you can still tell they are fake...I want them to look flawless!


  13. I will be doing a video soon about how to apply them youtube :) x

  14. These are all such great products. You should try MAC bronzer, I could not live without it. Also, the MAC liquid foundation covers flawlessly without feeling heavy at all. It is extremely light. I've even worn it in the summer and it didn't give me any problems.

    Great post:)

  15. Ooh I LOVED this post!!!! I love so many of these products too!!!!
    I am so going to try the MAX FACTOR now :)

  16. I actually love this post imogen! Great products, i use some of them and they are wonderful! I agree about the mascara, i use mascara alot ( my favorite so far would have to be lash telescopic by loreal or any clinique ones!) as i have light eyelashes but i am intending to use eyelashes more!- cant wait till you start selling yours and you do your video, thank you so much hun! xxx

  17. try make up forever aqua eyes smoky lash
    its really good!!!

  18. I love these kinds of posts! I like seeing what sorts of products others like to use and I get excited to see the same products I use. It's like confirming that the stuff I like really is AWESOME! I too use the Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil everyday :D I love how it comes with a brush attached so it's super convenient and easy to use. Thanks for sharing!! :) xx

  19. thanks for the suggestions hun! I'l defo be checking these out :)

  20. You should try Lash Blast by Covergirl. It honestly does not flake.

  21. Great Post; You should Deffenetly do a
    Makeup Tutorial That Would Be Amazing ♥


  22. I love Barry M liquid liner too!!
    so easy to draw!! but the problem is that it gets all smudge out all over my face in rain, becoming like a joker lol
    How do you prevent it from smudging??

  23. I agree about the Dior Shimmer...worth every penny, here about $55.00.... I also went ahead and bought another one, and I love them both! Great post Imogen as always!

  24. I wanted to try the primer from Urban Decay but I still have MAC paint pot full jar. BOO and I'm about to go get the Max factor powder. Thx

  25. I am going to go out ang get all these products asap now. Only sucky thing is they don't make or sell Max Factor in Canada anymore andare apparently discontinuing it in the states so the only chance I'll have to get it to go to the UK, they say that covergirl is their sister company but I dont think the quality is good, are there any other powders you would recommend that are like the Max Factor powder. Also, if you love the Hoola bronzer by benefit then you should try the "Bad Gal" lash by benefit, its awesome, the brush is nice and big and makes our lashes look 10x bigger and I've never had a problem with it flaking at all. Definitely a winner in my book. -- Thanks for letting us in on your beauty secrets

  26. for mascara i use millionize a million lashes. its gold. that is my Favorite mascara i will never switch to a different mascara. people always ask me if those are my real eyelashes because they make them look so full, LONG :)and beautiful it really brings out my face. on my regards you should try it and let me know it came out on you. you can find it in your local pharmacy.