Wednesday, 13 January 2010

OPI - Samoan Sand - Nude Mannequin Hands

On my quest for the perfect nude nail polish i came across OPI - Samoan Sand polish.
It definitely is a great nude colour, but to achieve this look i had to apply 4 coats!! I don't think i have ever had to apply that much polish, i couldn't even apply a top coat because it would never have dried, so i am a bit disappointed. I had high hopes and thought it would give me this effect in just two or three coats. Even with 4 coats you can still slightly see my nail tips underneath.
I love the mannequin hand look at the moment, i have been enjoying reading All Lacquered Up's post on 'Mannequin Hands', they have been showcasing some fab nudes!

I really want to try L'Oreal Sand castle, it looks like a great nude.

What are your thoughts on nude nails?



  1. Rimmel Lycra Pro in Beige Style is an opaque nude, drys mega fast and has a nice thick brush :).

  2. Despite having to apply 4 coats, it looks gorgeous!!

  3. It looks really nice, have you seen the colour that's meant to be big for spring/summer? Chanel Particuliere

    Might be nice! :)

  4. Color is great, but I so know this problem. They look good in the bottle and in real life you need endless coats or even never achieve a proper result. I always thought OPI is much better, but it seems that you really have to test one by one. Doesn't matter if it is a drugstore brand or high end.

    But they have such a nice color range^^

  5. I'm loving nude nails and have just bought Coney Island Cotton Candy from OPI. Will post on it soon :) xxx

  6. Thank you girlies for the comments :)

    @misspollyhadadolly I am so buying them when they come out, they look beautiful!

    @KatinkaRosenrot I expected better too, but i have bought more shades so will review soon. I hope they will be as good as everyone says!

    @♥ Chloë ♥ I just bought that to! It looks beautiful, i can't wait to try it

    x x

  7. That's a gorgeous colour too.
    You always seem to pick out the best colours Imogen! Thanks so much for these reviews, it really influences which nail varnish i buy(:

    xo S

  8. sally hansen has some amazing nude nail colours :]

  9. í love nude nails.. too well nude anything
    nice ;D

  10. i love nude nails, i'd suggest revlon's creme brulee, it's got a pinky shimmer in it, really really clean and sexy