Saturday, 16 January 2010

Youtubers For Haiti

The wonderful Gemma (gemmamaquillage) has come up with the idea that Youtubers come together and help donate money for Haiti. Youtube is amazing and gets so many views so this is a great idea.

Nearly 200,000 innocent people are meant to have perished in the disaster, i can't imagine how many people have lost family, friends and loved ones. It is so devastating.

It would be so amazing if you could donate to these causes, it doesn't matter how much you want to donate as every little really will help:

Disasters Emergency Committee:
Doctors Without Borders:

Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Appeal:

I hope you guys can help, Haiti deserves it! 



  1. wow, that's a great idea. I feel so sorry for all of these people :( I just read an article in the newspaper. It's so sad..
    Nice blog! I like your background. ♥

  2. Thats a really lovely idea imogen! its so sad all of my love! to the familys and children! xxxxx

  3. This is such wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing about this. It's great to know people are able to help a lot easier when things like this happen.