Friday, 26 March 2010

China Glaze Poolside Collection Swatches + Review

I feel like summer has come early wearing these polishes! Poolside is the perfect name for this collection. These super bright neon's are gorgeous, they have a matte/sheen finish and are extremely eye-catching!
The consistency was very sheer for all these polishes, pretty much all neon's on the market are the same. I needed to apply three coats to get an even coverage. The great thing about these is they dry in record time so it's easy to build up the layers.
I tried each one out, keep reading to find out my thoughts....

Above: Flip Flop Fantasy
First up is one of favorites, this is a warmer pink but still has neon tones to it. This has coral/peach undertones. I cannot wait to wear this in the summer with a tan!
Above: Towel Boy Toy
Another favorite of mine! Unlike the others this has a slight shimmer to it and although CG describe it as a neon blue to me this one isn't a neon. It's a lovely muted turquoise. It is extremely sheer, i would say 4 coats would give the best results.
Above: Sun Worshipper
This gorgeous neon orange is well....gorgeous! It applies really smoothly, again very sheer but easy to build up. You could even wear a white base coat to really bring out the colour. This is a creamy neon with yellow undertones.
Above: Pool Party
If you love your hot pinks then this is for you! It's so bright and beautiful! This was the most opaque and even when applied. Very Fuschia.
Above: Kiwi Cool-Ada
This was the hardest to capture on camera, in real life it is a darker neon. Most green nail polishes i have tried are sheer, i have no idea why this is but this one is no exception. I had to apply a white base coat to make it even, i really like it with the white underneath - it really brings out the colour. These polishes are so quick drying, i was very surprised, so i didn't mind building up the colour.
Above: Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
This is so florescent, a real eye squinter! But i love it! I have never seen such a bright yellow, again it was sheer so i added a white base coat. In real life this colour looks exactly like a florescent jacket, it has some very slight green undertones (which do not show up on the photo).

I am so impressed with this collection. As soon as i saw it i couldn't wait to try it, these colours are a must have for the summer!

These are officially released on 1st April.

What are your thoughts on these colours? Dare to wear? :)


Mini MAC Haul - Angel Lipstick Swatches + Brushes

Above: MAC ~ Angel (Frost Lipstick)

After asking on my Twitter and Facebook what was everyone's favorite MAC lipstick, Angel kept on being recommended. 'Plink!' was also recommended a lot, but after searching a few blogs for swatches i thought it looked a bit too sheer for what i was looking for, so i went with Angel.

Angel is more beautiful than i expected, it's a muted milky glossy pink. It really enhances my natural lip colour. I love the creamy luster finish, it's vanilla scented which smells divine!
Without a doubt this is one of my favorite lipsticks now - so thank you to everyone who recommended it :)

RRP: £12.50

Above: 134 Large Powder Brush

I finally jumped on the MAC brush bandwagon and have purchased my FIRST mac brushes! *Shocker*
And of course i am very impressed, they are super soft and do not shed. There is none of that 'prickly' feeling on your skin like other cheaper brushes. The 134 is the perfect powder brush - it's nice and big - now all i need is my prep and prime powder.

RRP: £35.50

Above: 116 Blush Brush

This brush really gives you that great definition under the cheek bones, i really like it. My bronzer went on really evenly. Perfect!

RRP: £22.50

To me spending £58 on two brushes seems a bit crazy for what they are but i know they will last me a long time and i will be using them everyday, so i can live with it :) People always recommend them, so they must be worth every penny!

What are your thoughts?


Thursday, 25 March 2010

Youtube Competition ~ Design Foxy Locks Extensions Storage Case!

1st Prize^^

Runner up prize^^

I had so many question about storing extensions and i going to be offering one on Foxy Locks. I thought the best way to see what people wanted was to see their designs, so i came up with this competition!
All you need to do is design a storage case for Foxy Locks extensions, it can be soft or hard, preferably not too big, needs to be able to hold clip in hair extensions securely.

I thought it would be a fun idea, there has never been a competition like it before i'm sure :)
Please watch the video ^^

Good Luck!!
Winner for last months giveaway was (Foxy Lashes):
Please email me with your address details at


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

NOTD: Nubar ~ Orange Cream Nail Polish Swatch + Gold Beaded Cuff By Fiona Paxton

Above: Nubar ~ Orange Cream.
This beautiful summery colour was the official nail polish for London Fashion Week! And no wonder, it's right on trend and goes with just about anything.

The texture is gorgeous although sometimes a little streaky - nothing a third coat can't sort out but i generally only needed to do two coats. I had so many compliments wearing this - it is such an unusual colour, i don't have another colour like it in my collection.

RRP: £8

I also wanted to show you my gorgeous gold beaded cuff by Fiona Paxton. As soon as i saw this cuff i had to get it, i absolutely love it!

It's so unusual, there is one tighter chain which keeps it on - then the rest drape down your arm. Fiona Paxton has some really gorgeous pieces, if you love statement jewellery then definitely check her out.

RRP: £62.40


Monday, 22 March 2010

DIY Gold Studded Button Shoulders

I wanted to spice up one of my black coats, i love statement shoulders and i have been looking for a coat or jacket with them for ages but have had no luck - so i decided to do my own!

I had a look on ebay for gold buttons and someone was selling a medley of gold buttons which were perfect! I also bought 50 more of the same style from another seller. I used about 35 buttons on each shoulder.
How cute is the button that looks like a coin! 
My coat already had slightly puffy shoulders so adding the gold buttons above really made it look amazing.

I hardly wore this coat before but i'm definitely going to be wearing it all the time.
I bought the coat a few years ago from River Island, you can literally use any coat as long as it has shoulder space.

It was time consuming, but if you want a one-of-a-kind piece then it is worth it.

What do you think? :)

Friday, 19 March 2010

Dolly Bow Bow Necklaces

Today i received two beautiful necklaces from the lovely Kate of Dolly Bow Bow. The jewellery featured on the website are vintage inspired and so cute!

Here are the two i chose:
How adorable is this retro telephone pendant!
'Call Me' necklace 24" chain
RRP: £7.99

I love this French inspired necklace, the miniature Eiffel tower is so adorable. It also has a little pink bead to add a splash of colour.
'Oui' Necklace 24" chain

RRP: £7.99

These pieces are a must have if you love vintage inspired jewellery. They are such an amazing price also. I received them the next day and they came in a gorgeous pink pouch with silver star confetti! 

Thank you so much Kate for sending these lovely necklaces ♥ 


Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Nubar Nail Polish Fortress & Risque Reds Collection Swatches

Here a two shades from Nubars *two* new collections Risque Reds and Fortress

I have never been a 'red' nail polish kinda' girl and these are the first reds i have EVER worn! All i can i am so happy i received them. There is something about red that automatically makes me feel sexier and more sophisticated. Both the reds i received are sparkly with a shine finish.
Above: Risque Red
This shade definitely has burgundy tones to it, the subtle sparkle is really beautiful. As i said i never wear reds but this awakened a love of reds i thought i never had. Even with my extremely pale skin that i have been rocking recently (without realising) i think it looks fab. Very vampire-esque.
Above: Cabaret Red
When i opened the package my sister literally grabbed this colour and said she was wearing it first! So voila above are her nails with this gorgeous colour. At first i thought this was very similar to Risque Red, almost too similar...until i compared them once applied. This has orange undertones, the consistency is gorgeous just like Risque Red and it has the same sparkle/shine finish - although it couldn't be more of a different red.

Above: Marble Tower
Nubar also came out with the Fortress collection which has many different shades of greys. I have always loved grey nail polishes, they are right up on trend and go with almost any outfit. I may be a little too pale to be wearing this shade as it has light blue undertones, i'm still loving it though - i would describe this as a Dove grey.
Above: Knights Armour
This one surprised me a lot, when it comes to glitter nail polishes 9 times out of 10 they are a bit of a let down - they usually take at least 5 coats to get a good even finish! But not Knights Armour, i only applied two coats and the results were perfect. It didn't become thick or gloopy, it was extremely even and smooth! I love it so much, without a doubt this is my favorite glitter polish! I love how glamorous it looks.

All polishes were applied with two coats + a base coat underneath. I have not added a top coat.

I am really impressed with these colours, although greys and reds don't excite everyone i think Nubar have created some really striking colours that most people could pull off. The consistency is perfect, i can't rave enough about Nubar!

You can buy them here:

RRP: £8

What do you think of the new collections?


Sunday, 14 March 2010

Blake Lively Inspired Boho Loose Curls Hair Style with Plaits

My latest hair style was inspired by the Gorgeous Blake Lively (Serena from Gossip Girl). Her hair always looks fabulous, she tends to always wear a very similar hairstyle which is loose curls/waves.
Here is my version:
If you want to find out how i created this look, check out my 'How To' video:
Products used:
Babyliss Thermo ceramic hot rollers
Fructis bamboo hairspray
Denam d3 styler brush
Tigi rockaholic dry shampoo

Hope you enjoy :)

Thursday, 11 March 2010

China Glaze 'me up!

Ok, i will admit it...i have a nail polish obsession. Since growing my nails out (finally) 6 months ago i have found a new love for nail polish. Before i would never have touched colourful polishes as to me they always looked nasty on bitten down stumps for nails.
I have been opened to a whole new world of beautiful colours and choices. I never knew there were so many gorgeous shades to choose from.

I recently got three lovely summery shades from China Glaze.
'Something Sweet' is such a pretty colour, It looks like a powdery baby pink. Very delicate and perfect for those who like to keep their nails simple but pretty. I had so many compliments wearing this colour.
I love this vibrant yellow! 'Lemon Fizz' isn't a colour i would wear all the time but i can't wait to wear it in the summer with a tan, i think it will look amazing! If i had a darker skin tone i would be rocking this all year round!
This is my favorite colour "Flyin' High", it's so shiny and the colour is just beautiful. I would describe it as a 'teal' shade. I don't own very many green based nail varnishes, this one has blue undertones.

The consistency is gorgeous, although the first coat can be a little streaky. After the second coat is applied it looks perfect. They dry in good time.
I love China Glaze! They have a huge choice of colours. I know China Glaze is not really easy to purchase in the UK but i found a place online that stocks loads ~

RRP: £5.49
Are you loving these colours?