Thursday, 11 March 2010

China Glaze 'me up!

Ok, i will admit it...i have a nail polish obsession. Since growing my nails out (finally) 6 months ago i have found a new love for nail polish. Before i would never have touched colourful polishes as to me they always looked nasty on bitten down stumps for nails.
I have been opened to a whole new world of beautiful colours and choices. I never knew there were so many gorgeous shades to choose from.

I recently got three lovely summery shades from China Glaze.
'Something Sweet' is such a pretty colour, It looks like a powdery baby pink. Very delicate and perfect for those who like to keep their nails simple but pretty. I had so many compliments wearing this colour.
I love this vibrant yellow! 'Lemon Fizz' isn't a colour i would wear all the time but i can't wait to wear it in the summer with a tan, i think it will look amazing! If i had a darker skin tone i would be rocking this all year round!
This is my favorite colour "Flyin' High", it's so shiny and the colour is just beautiful. I would describe it as a 'teal' shade. I don't own very many green based nail varnishes, this one has blue undertones.

The consistency is gorgeous, although the first coat can be a little streaky. After the second coat is applied it looks perfect. They dry in good time.
I love China Glaze! They have a huge choice of colours. I know China Glaze is not really easy to purchase in the UK but i found a place online that stocks loads ~

RRP: £5.49
Are you loving these colours?


  1. The yellow one is so pretty !! so Vibrant !

  2. YES! loving them :) I love your blog and your great reviews, where can I buys these...dont own any China Glaze..

    xxx suzanna

  3. yeah they are amazing,but their price in sallys is 4.99pounds,dont know why they sooo overcharged you? xxx

  4. They all look gorgeous, especially Lemon Fizz! =D

  5. @GlamandGlitter Thank you! I never realised sallys sold them so cheap :) I've updated it now x

  6. All 3 look so pretty! Though that yellow is amazing!

  7. Uhh lovely colors..
    I want them all

  8. i love all the coloure def colours i would coose
    your nails are really nice also
    xo mw

  9. flyin high is really pretty! i need to pick up some more polishes asap :)

  10. Ahhhhh I love these!!! I really want a gourge yellow nail varnish!!!!


  11. great post! i'm loving something sweet and i just tried out flying high myself...

    keep up the fab work!

    xo annie

  12. Those are fantstic - I'm loving the look and think I must own the yellow for sure. You need to check out this color, too, it's like a light purple version, i got a lot of compliments wearing it - OPI "Do you lilac it"

    I was worried since I'm brown skinned that it might look like I was dead found in a river - with the way the color is lol, but no I loved it an never had gotten so many people commenting on it.

  13. ahhh these all look so nice and summery :) thank you so much for posting this link, I have been looking for ages for somehwere that sells China Glaze in the UK at a reasonable price! :) x

  14. where can you purchase these??? the colours look amazing!

  15. I just stopped by my local Sally's Beauty and bought "Something Sweet" and "Peachy Keen". I have Peachy Keen on now and it is to die for! It will look gorgeous on my toes when I have a bit more of a tan! ;) I definitely recommend it! Though it is pretty similar to the orange Nubar one you just bought. But these are so gorgeous, I need to stock up before they're out! <3 xx