Sunday 30 March 2014

Foxy Locks Extensions - In Depth Look - Quality - Latte Blonde Superior 230gram Clip Ins

 I realised that I hadn't ever posted an in depth look into Foxy Locks Clip In Extensions - and with the launch of the brand new packaging and upgraded Superior set (which is now 230 grams) I felt it was time for a post about them!

 The new packaging (which is available in Superior set and soon all other sets) has been specifically designed to ensure your extensions are stored in the best way possible before arriving with you! 
The smaller case means the hair is now swirled into shape for instant style - this shape also allows shipping to be safer on the hair and also lower shipping costs for you! (how great is that) 

The new style packaging has two separate sections, one with just one weft from your complete set and the other side contains the remaining wefts tucked securely inside with a tamper proof sticker - as Foxy Locks have very high quality and hygiene values this seal ensures the extensions are never worn previously.

The smaller section containing the one weft is for colour matching purposes only, this piece is secured to the card so it can not be tried on but can be assessed to ensure this is the correct match for you & if it is - fabulous! You now can open your set & remove it from it's shackles :) Or if it does not match you can simply return it for an exchange or a refund if you prefer.

 The hair itself is stunning, thick and super soft! You literally cannot stop touching and stroking them when you first take them out, trust me you'll do the same. The hair is like silk, and thick from top to bottom. That is one of the major factors that separates Foxy Locks from other brands, the ends are naturally thick and full giving a beautiful 'seamless' effect once clipped in - plus the fact the hair is to the highest quality.
You instantly look like you have the most beautiful thick hair, naturally - as no one can tell they are clip ins!
Remember when clip ins were ratty and stringy looking? Not anymore, with Foxy Locks!

 The Superior set comes with 8 Triple Wefted pieces - each with lace attached for comfort and stability. The clips are very secure and do not slide down the hair due to the high quality stainless steel used and the silicone strip that gently holds onto your natural hair.

The results are unbelievable, so natural and stunning! I love them and am so proud of them. Foxy Locks are among the best quality (if not the best) Remy Human Hair available and the great thing is that the prices very reasonable for the quality, length and thickness you receive.

For more information and to check out the huge colour range visit:

Imogen x

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Foxy Locks Giveaway Winners!

First of all, sorry it's taken me longer than expected to announce the winners of my Youtube Foxy Locks giveaway in December, I had over 5k entries & as you can imagine it took a long time collecting all the info.
The winners were picked randomly & here they are...

3rd Prize
A set of Foxy Locks Regular 20" Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions
Chantel B

2nd Prize
A set of Foxy Locks Deluxe 20" Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions
Gina B 
1st Prize
A set of Foxy Locks Superior 20" Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions
Saydi Poth

Congrats girls!
 I will be in touch shortly :)

Thank you to everyone who entered! I'll be holding these giveaways more often so please stay tuned for the next one, because it could be you!

Lots of love, Imogen x

Tuesday 28 January 2014

GlossyBox January '14 ~ Reveal

I recently received my January'14 GlossyBox and I wanted to share with you what was inside this time!
This is my favourite point, pulling open the ribbon to reveal the exciting contents, I love that it's a surprise every time!

Here are my goodies for this month, a fab selection of mini products for me to sample.
First up (not actually a mini product!) are these lovely tweezers by The Vintage Cosmetic Company, 
I gave these a good go on my stray eyebrow hairs and I have to say they are amazing. 
Some tweezers can be so rubbish at grabbing onto the hairs but these grab every hair so easily.
Up next, Balance Me Super Toning body wash - this stuff is divine! It's made from 99% natural 
ingredients a lovely blend of juniper, bergamot, geranium and lavender oils which left my skin feeling soft and smelling yummy!
This has to be 'now' holy grail product! I am so glad I found this, Vaseline essential moisture skin lotion is just amazing. 
The minute I tried it I knew I needed to go out and purchase the full size bottle, so I did. 
Not only does it leave your skin VERY soft but it also smells lovely and fresh plus it doesn't leave your skin greasy,
which is essential for me, especially on your hands (hate that greasy feeling!) 
It soaks in super fast, I love it!
Buy the full sized bottle HERE

I got these teeny moisturising tubes by Yu-be, they are great little moisturisers for your hands and your lips.
The Anatomicals 'Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer' (love what they did there!) under eye patches are fabulous - great if you are feeling tired and your eyes are showing it! 
Simply take out of the packet and place under your eyes for 30mins to relieve bags.
To sum it up I am very happy with my January GlossyBox, all the products are amazing and I will be purchasing almost all of them again once the testers run out.

Sign up to GlossyBox HERE
to receive your monthly beauty box for only £10.

Wednesday 8 January 2014

Volumised French Braid Hairstyle ~ Disney's Elsa from Frozen ~ Hair Tutorial

I had so many requests from my viewers about recreating Elsa's hairstyle from the film Frozen - I decided to make an inspired look.
It's a big volumised French braid! This look is surprisingly easy to do & you can decide how loose/messy you want it to be.
Who doesn't want Disney Princess (or should I say Snow Queen) hair... :)
Watch my in-depth tutorial below on how to recreate this gorgeous hairstyle;

Products used:
I'm wearing Foxy Locks Extensions in Latte Blonde 20" Deluxe set ~ Click HERE
Backcombing/Teasing Brush ~ Chick HERE
Blonde hair grips & hair elastics

On my lips: Nude gloss by whitening Lightning ~ Click HERE
USE my Code: Foxy70 for 70% off!!
Or use code: FoxyBundle   ~ ( $499.00 value) to get all this for $89.00:
1 Tooth Whitening Kit
2 pens (any whitening pens)
2 gloss (any colors)

Blue shirt - Equipment ~ Click HERE
Necklace - Newlook ~ Click HERE

Music by CMA