Friday, 17 September 2010

NOTD: Pink Punk Nails

Starting off with Punk Polish by Eyeko - this is a one coat wonder! It looks gorgeous and if you're in a rush to paint your nails then this is the perfect polish :) 

....Then i added pink glitter tips using Eyeko ChiChi polish - this gives a lovely effect although the glitter was a little 'misty'. I love how it looks - but make sure you leave plenty of time for ChiChi to dry!

Nail polishes from: - you can also use code E8249 on checkout for a free gift with every purchase :)

Hope you like!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Charcoal Smokey Eye Make-up (Video)

I love the 'smokey' eye look, there is something very sexy and sultry about it! I like using charcoal eye-shadows rather than jet black to create a slightly softer look (especially against my blonde hair).

Products used:
benefit low profile eyeshadow
SedonaLace 120 Pro Palette Second Edition
GlitterGal eyebrow pencil - light
barry m liquid eyeliner - black
Models own big brush mascara
Models own black eye pencil
Models own white eye pencil
Foxy Lashes - Flirty Flare 02
Rimmel lipliner eastend snob
Michael Todd - Angel Lipstick
Michael Todd - Creme Glace lipgloss Clear-ly
Benefit Hoola bronzer

Video How-To:


Saturday, 11 September 2010

Small Jewellery Haul

I have been really into two finger rings recently - i was searching for some pretty ones when i can across this gorgeous birdy one from Urban Outfitters! It's so adorable! If anyone can recommend a good website for two finger rings pleeeaase let me know :)

Lovely Claire from FashionTeller Blog sent me this gorgeous necklace - she makes them herself and you can purchase them straight from her blog. This necklace is lovely and long which i like, and the best part is it's so unusual - i definitely recommend checking out her pieces here:

I received some more beautiful pieces from Lizhutnick (etsy), i love every single one. 
The delicate peach rose bracelet is so stunning, i wear this one all the time and always get compliments on it!
The cute daisy ring was featured in my Katy Perry video tutorial. It's so summery, love love love!

 Last but not least is this gorgeous locket from All Saints - which isn't actually a locket which is a little disappointing but it's beautiful non-the-less! I just love how it hands down my hand.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Fruit Salad Nails - Fruity Manicure!

These nails are so OTT but i love them! They kind of remind me of Pimms on hot summers day :)
They are pretty simple to do, but a little time consuming! These definitely aren't everyday nails but it's great to do if you want the Wow factor!

All you need is:
Nail polish colour of your choice
False nail glue
Fimo fruit slices

♥ Apply a base coat, then two coats of your colour choice (wait for each coat to dry before applying the next).
♥ Apply a generous amount of false nail glue on your nail tips, leave to become 'tacky' for a few seconds then start applying your fruit slices. The fruit slices should already come sliced, but you can get them in tubes and slice them yourself if you prefer.
♥ Keep gently pressing the fruit slices down onto your nail so they don't stick up too much on the sides. 
♥ Then you can choose to apply a top coat.

Extremely easy and I'm sure there are endless possibilities to what design you could use!
I picked up my fimo slices from ebay - a seller in Hong Kong was selling 200pc for 65p inc shipping!! So cheap. Here is the link:
Nail polish - Orange Creme ~ Nubar: 

What do you think?