Sunday, 31 January 2010

Fishtail Braid

I think fishtail braids are so pretty, they look intricate and difficult to do but when you know how they are so easy! They are a great hairstyle to do if you hate using heat on your hair everyday.
For all those who don't know how to do it, I'm going to show you :) -

I hope this helps!


Saturday, 30 January 2010

Models Own - 25 Carat Gold

I love this colour, my nails look expensive! The colour reminds me of Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory - Golden eggs! (i have no idea why that came to my head!).
I have so many Models Own polishes because they are so smooth and apply so evenly, i recommend them to everyone. I really love their colour selection to.
This is my colour of the week :)


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Etsy ♥

I recently purchased some beautiful items from Etsy. I love how most of the things on there are handmade, it makes them so special and unique. Everything was bought from the US with free shipping which was a massive bonus. Both Ladies i bought from were so lovely and extremely helpful, i will be sure to put their links at the end.

I was searching for rings and necklaces when i came across these absolutely beautiful hair slides. They are so pretty and very chic. I am in love!


This is the selection of rings i purchased, i love the flowers. They are so pretty and very cleverly made. The Last one matches my nail polish perfectly :)

All these items were from lizhutnick. She was so helpful and lovely.

I have been looking for a 'sparrow' necklace for a while but i could never find one that actually looked vintage...until i found this seller on Etsy!
It's beautiful and is exactly what i was looking for. I love that it's quite big as well, you all know i have a thing for statement jewelry!
How sweet is this bow!? :)

I have never seen jewelry like this and i am so glad i came across Etsy!
These stunning necklaces were from the equally lovely RusticRoses, she too has some really exquisite items for sale.


Saturday, 23 January 2010

Product Rave: Tarte FRXtion Sugar Exfoliator and Lip Balm Duo

Yummy! This lip balm is gorgeous, i honestly had to refrain myself for taking a bite out of it! It smells like honey caramel. I am in love with it, i suffer from dry lips and i am always looking for really moisturising lip balms. I have a bad habit of biting my lips when they are dry, which can leave scars so i try and wear lip balm every day religiously.

I can across 'Tarte FRXtion balm' after searching for a good lip balm, all i can say is i am so glad i found it. It has two sides, one side is made from natural sugar which works as an exfoliant, the other side is thick and creamy moisturiser which you use after scrubbing with the sugar side.

I love exfoliating my lips, it makes them so smooth and leaves any lipstick or gloss i apply looking lovely. The sugar side really works as an exfoliant, although you can't press very hard at all otherwise the lipstick will break, like mine! ( i literally can only have it up a tiny bit now :/ )

It contains a whole bunch of great things, this is what is boasts:
Sugar crystals exfoliate while the vitamin E vanilla lip balm soothes, calms and protects lips.
skinvigorating™ ingredients:
  • aloe leaf extract: known for soothing, healing and antiseptic properties
  • chamomile extract: treats and heals dry skin
  • jojoba seed oil: naturally-derived oil that is easily absorbed into skin, leaving it more supple
  • vanilla: fragrant extract with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • vitamins A and E: antioxidants that fight free radical damage
also contains: castor seed oil, sunflower seed oil, sugar, wheat germ oil, mineral pigments, candelilla wax and myristyl lactate

It also comes with a handy pop out mirror on the lid.

I would highly recommend this to anyone, here is the link to where i got mine (click here). It cost about £9 inc shipping to UK from US.

Can anyone recommend another good lip moisturiser?


O.P.I - A Grape Fit

I absolutely love purple polishes, and this is another one to add to my favorites. I haven't had the best experience with O.P.I because the first ones i tried were very sheer and needed at least 4 coats which in my book is not acceptable for a good nail polish! When i applied the first coat it was very sheer again but after the second/third coat it turned out lovely. The colour is beautiful, quite dark (looks lighter in the photo, camera's find it so hard to pick up purples!) but very flattering to the nails. I have worn it for about 5 days now with no top coat and has only chipped a teensy bit on the tips. All round it's a great polish, and a lovely purple!

I bought this for only £5 which was a bargain inc shipping from US! (Click here)

Anyone else loving purple polishes?


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Natural, Glamour Eye Make-up

I decided i would do my everyday eye make-up after many requests! (you know i like to keep you guys happy ツ ).
This is really quick and simple but really makes a statement, the lashes really make your eyes 'pop'! If you want to find out how i achieve this look please watch my video below:


Saturday, 16 January 2010

Youtubers For Haiti

The wonderful Gemma (gemmamaquillage) has come up with the idea that Youtubers come together and help donate money for Haiti. Youtube is amazing and gets so many views so this is a great idea.

Nearly 200,000 innocent people are meant to have perished in the disaster, i can't imagine how many people have lost family, friends and loved ones. It is so devastating.

It would be so amazing if you could donate to these causes, it doesn't matter how much you want to donate as every little really will help:

Disasters Emergency Committee:
Doctors Without Borders:

Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Appeal:

I hope you guys can help, Haiti deserves it! 


Friday, 15 January 2010

GIVEAWAY!! Win TWO Swarovski Crystal Necklaces (CLOSED)

Glitzy-N-Glamorous - Two Swarovski Crystal Pink Necklaces
To be able to WIN please:

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Open World Wide.

Winners will be picked randomly and announced on the next Giveaway post & Youtube.

Good luck lovelies!

Winner for last weeks giveaway was (Mascara):

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Thursday, 14 January 2010

BOMBCHELLS 'Battle Of The Plastics' Competition Entry

I was sooooooooo excited when i saw this competition by Bombchell, i rarely enter them but this one i had to! I love fake hair, eyelashes, tan the lot!(expect surgery!). I get called Barbie on a daily basis by people on Youtube so i had to use her as my inspiration.

Here is my VERY plastic 'Barbie' look:

I had so much fun doing this look, being plastic is a lot of fun :)


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

GOSH Nail Polish - Holographic i know holographic nail polish is old news! But, i was quite slow finding out about them so i thought there MUST be others like me who have only just heard of them or haven't yet, maybe?

I love this, every time i look at it i can't believe they can make a colour that actually looks like a hologram, it's crazy! In the right light it looks so beautiful, in dull lighting it does just look dull and grey. You can see how pretty it looks with the flash.

These are so cheap to (if you can get hold of them! I have been told they are sold out everywhere). I think they are only £4.50 or so. You need to wear about 3 coats to get a good coverage as it does tend to spread and become uneven. It drys very quickly though which is great.

I am hooked on them, i think they are truly amazing!

Have you tried any of the other holographic polishes by other brands? What are your thoughts?


OPI - Samoan Sand - Nude Mannequin Hands

On my quest for the perfect nude nail polish i came across OPI - Samoan Sand polish.
It definitely is a great nude colour, but to achieve this look i had to apply 4 coats!! I don't think i have ever had to apply that much polish, i couldn't even apply a top coat because it would never have dried, so i am a bit disappointed. I had high hopes and thought it would give me this effect in just two or three coats. Even with 4 coats you can still slightly see my nail tips underneath.
I love the mannequin hand look at the moment, i have been enjoying reading All Lacquered Up's post on 'Mannequin Hands', they have been showcasing some fab nudes!

I really want to try L'Oreal Sand castle, it looks like a great nude.

What are your thoughts on nude nails?


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

My Top 12 Make-Up Products

I wanted to share my favorite make-up products with you. These are the items that i usually wear every single day, and couldn't live without!

First up is 'Dior Skin Shimmer Powder'. I love this, the colour is beautiful! I use it on my cheek bones and brow bone. It leaves a subtle golden highlight. It lasts forever, i had this for over a year and it's still going strong. I use 'Amber shimmer'.

Max Factor Facefinity is my all time favorite product, i recommend to everyone! When put on over liquid foundation it gives your skin that 'airbrush' finish (honestly!), it feels lightweight but gives a great coverage. It also keeps your foundation in place all day. I can't rave about this enough! I use '06 Golden'.

I haven't used Benefit Hoola for that long, i recently twittered asking which bronzer was the best and most of you recommended this....and you were right! I love it, when applied it gives a lovely tanned finish. It doesn't look orange at all. It can look quite muddy if too much is applied. I do really like it, i have used a lot of bronzers in my time and this is by far the best!

I always use white eye liner on my water line, i love how it opens up the eye. I have always used white liner and have always been unimpressed with how they work, most of them barely come out when applied to the water line. I used to have to use a lighter to heat up the ends to make it show up on my eye! After coming across NYX Jumbo pencils i no longer need to do that, they come out amazingly and are so well pigmented. They are really hard to get hold of in the UK, but if you can get one i would highly recommend them!

I wear liquid eyeliner everyday without fail. I have worn it since i started wearing make-up! It really widens the eye. I am really fussy about the brush, i hate those super skinny ones that are quite long and bend easily. I like them to be thick and sturdy, i find it much easier to apply it with a thicker brush. I came across Barry M liquid liner over a year ago and will never go back, the application is easy and it stays on all day. If your looking for a good liquid liner this is the best one i have come across!

This foundation is amazing, it gives a very matte finish which i like. It can feel quite heavy, but i don't wear this everyday. The consistency is lovely, it evens out really well. It does stay on all day and all night (even on a night out!). I use shade 'Fresco'.

This Benefit 'Low Profile' eyeshadow is a fab base coat for eyeshadow. I put it all over my lid, it looks so natural and just evens everything out.

I know everyone raves about Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer, but i do love it to! It really works, i wear it mostly on nights out and it really brings out my eyeshadow and keeps it in place all night. Even when i go to wash it off it's really hard to!

I wear my Too Faced Glamour To Go palette almost everyday, i only really use the brown eye shadows. The colours are beautiful, and the compact kit is great for your bag. It's really convenient and pretty.

I wear Rimmel Professional eyebrow pencil everyday, after having chicken-pocks as a child i must have scratched one on my eyebrow and now i have a little scar where the hair doesn't grow back, nothing major but my eyebrows need the pencil to make them even. I love how this one has a little brush on the lid to tame your eyebrows first.

M.A.C cremestick lip liners are fab, they glide on so smoothly and i think they give a more natural finish than normal lip pencils as they are easier to blend. I use 'Caramellow' which is a natural brown, probably too dark for me but it was the only one i could get hold of at the time.

I love Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, it is so lightweight. I wear it all summer as it never feels cakey or thick. You can barely feel it but it covers nicely, very thin but it evens out skin tone.

You are probably wondering where my favorite mascara is? Well, i don't have one :( I am yet to find a good mascara that doesn't flake on my face. Thank god for false eyelashes!  I wear them all the time and would put them before mascara any-day.

I hope you liked my top 12. Do you use any of these? I would love to see your top make-up products :)


Monday, 11 January 2010

Blog Sale #3 Shoes and Boots

I am selling some shoes and boots that i have either never worn or have worn once or twice so they are still in amazing condition. I hate parting with my shoes, but they need to go to a better home :) I literally have no more room for them. None of these items are things i don't like, they are mostly items i don't need as i already have them or something similar :).

Open worldwide.

This sale works on a 'first come, first served' basis. Please leave a comment like this:
Email address:

I will then send you an invoice and you can pay instantly on your credit, debit or bank card. You will have 2hrs to send payment otherwise it will be put on sale again.
Shipping charges:
UK - £4.00
International - £8.00

Shoe size chart:


 #1 Topshop brown leather knee high boots - UK 5 - £45

#2 Faith brown leather/suede buckle slouch boots - UK 6 - £35

#3 New Look tan hidden platform heels - UK 6 - £14

#4 BEBE brown gladiator grecian wedges - UK 4.5 - SOLD

#5 Faith dark brown patent boots - UK 5 - £40

#6 Brown suede effect platform boots - UK 5 - £15

#7 River Island tan/gold platform heels - UK 5 - £35

The prices are pretty much half price, which is a bargain. Most have only been worn once :)