Friday, 8 January 2010

Hair Treatment: Coconut Oil

I decided to use coconut oil on my hair as a treatment. After i posted on Twitter that i had used olive oil, many of my lovely followers recommended coconut oil!
I really loved the results! Application is a bit more time consuming than olive oil but smells a lot nicer. Keep reading to see what i did:

I used pretty much the same method as my Olive Oil hair treatment.
What you will need:
Pure Organic Coconut oil 
Shower cap or net
Hair turban / towel

Starting with dry hair, i prefer to have dry hair as it will absorb the oil better. Using pure coconut oil (which starts off as a solid until melted) put a chunk of it in between your palms, keep rubbing until it forms an oily liquid. This does take a little time. Once melted apply the oil from root to tip, concentrating more on dry ends. You will need to repeat this a few times until you get a good covering all over your hair. The smell is gorgeous, i wanted a pina colada as soon as smelt it! My hair felt softer as soon as i applied it. You might find it easier to part your hair in sections to make sure you cover every part. Once you have covered all your hair, twist your hair on top of your head and apply your shower cap and hair towel, i use both as by the morning the towel is nearly off my head! Leave the oil on overnight.
when you shower you will need to wash thoroughly. I only shampooed once, but i made sure i massaged the shampoo in everywhere. Always apply conditioner to the ends of your hair, and your done!

It doesn't matter what i use, after i wash my hair it will always be tangled when wet, i think it has a lot to do with the bleach in my hair. Anyway, after blow drying my hair felt fabulous. It felt nourished and surprising tame. My hair isn't frizzy or curly but i find sometime after blow drying it can be slightly 'poofy'. I didn't even need to straighten it as it was so smooth and silky.

Super tame, silky hair!

I will definitely be using this treatment again, i will try and use it every 2 weeks along with olive oil treatments.

Make sure you use a PURE coconut oil, free of anything other than coconut. Organic ones are always the best. I bought mine from eBay (click here).

Have you tried this treatment? Let me know what you thought?



  1. I want to try this because I hear such rave reviews for it but it seems like such a hassle to melt the oil down! btw, I tagged you for an award on my blog! :)

  2. Where did you buy the coconut oil from? I've always been curious to try it on my hair, after having great results from plenty of coconut oil based hair products! xox

  3. I've heard great things about this! I need to try it, you hair is amazing!


  4. Great to hear that you got along so well with the coconut oil. It is one of my favourites.

    Much love,

  5. Ooh would definitely like to know where you got the coconut oil from, I think I was one of the people that mentioned it before, I but I am still looking for some myself, they always seem to be out at Holland and Barret and my local non-chain health food shop so any ideas would be great.

  6. Fab post hun, I'll be trying this one next!! ;) xxx

  7. I will have to try this! Great post, thanks girl.
    Your hair always look amazing hun(:

    xo S

  8. your hair looks fabulous, so healthy !

  9. Hey doll. Thanks for this blog. I actually use Redken All soft heavy cream for my bleached blonde hair, it really makes it silky.Have you tried it? But I am definitely going to try the Coconut oil treatment. Did it help your hair tremendously? xo

  10. Heya Imogen,,

    I Purchased This Product From Ebay About A Couple Of Weeks Ago And Hadn't Used It So I Thought I Would Give It A Whirl Last Night. I Didn't Realise You Got It From The Same Seller As Me 'Til I Clicked Your Link Tehe!! Wakefield Is Ony About 30 Mins Away From Me On The Train So Delivery Didn't Take That Long. Anyway On To The Review,, I Applied This In Sections And My Hair Looked So Funny And Greasy ,, But Yet Nicely Nourished At The Same Time. Then I Applied Just My Hair Turban 'Cos I Thought It May Be A Little Uncomfortable To Sleep In. I Got Up This Mornin And My Hair Looked Like Greasy Straw If You Get Me?? Lolo!! But I Shampooed It Twice And Conditioned It Out And My Hair Was So Easy To Comb Through Wet And When I Had Blow Dried It My Hair Was So Soft And Silky. I Give This Product Full Marks Out Of 10 =D!!<3

    X x X.

  11. Hi, I have a question...Do you think that I can use coconut oil on my extensions?They are very dry...Or can you recommend me some product?Thank you:) Otherwise you're very very beautiful:)

  12. hi Imogen!
    i use Pure Coconut Oil every time i wash my hair and it helps my dry hair a bunch! i use an already-liquid form of it by Inecto which you can purchase from Savers or TJ Hughes (UK only) :) i think it was only £1.99 or something for a 200ml bottle :)