Friday, 1 January 2010

Olive Oil hair treatment

Last week i decided to try Olive Oil in my hair and i knew it would be good. Olive oil is so nourishing and when put on the skin it makes it so soft, so i thought it would be beneficial and it was! My hair felt lovely and soft afterwards. Keep reading to find out what i did...

What you will need:
Extra virgin olive oil
Shower cap or net
Hair towel
Rubber gloves

How to do it:
Start off with dry hair, put on your gloves (this is just to stop your hands for becoming really greasy).  Apply the oil to the palm of your hand, enough to fill it. Then gently pull the oil through your hair, from root to tip. Make sure you evenly cover all your hair but don't soak it. Once you have covered your hair (remove gloves) apply a shower cap, and then apply your hair towel. The towel is there just to prevent staining on your clothes and pillow. Now leave the oil in your hair overnight. In the morning when you wash your hair you will need to wash it thoroughly. Many people say you need to shampoo twice but i only needed to once because i made sure i massaged the shampoo in all over. After shampooing apply conditioner to the ends of your hair.
After blow drying you should see a difference, my hair felt softer, shiner and stronger after only one treatment. I would recommend doing this every two weeks or so to really see the benefits.

Next i am going to try coconut oil, i will let you know how it goes!



  1. Good tip about the latex gloves, I want to try coconut oil as a hair treatment too, I am just trying to find some as they had run out when i went to Holland and Barrett.

  2. Great tip Imogen. Might try this <3

  3. Oh i will have to try this! (:
    Apparently mayonnaise is supposed to be good for damaged hair too, i tryed it once, but the smell was just too much =/

  4. I do exactly the same thing as recenetly Ive got back from brown to blonde so my hair was dying quite literally, made the world of difference. I also recommend ojon restorative, just smells abit. :)

  5. Wow I've always wanted to try this but never dared in case my hair looked greasy, I'll def try it now. Thanks for the tip!! :) xxx

  6. thx for the tip!

    Happy New Year my friend!

  7. I got a 'Magic Serum' sachet from Holland and Barrett. My hair feels really energised. Coconut oil is one of the ingredients. A good start for the New Year!

  8. Sounds great! Definitely going to give it a go! That Umberto Mask I got from Boots was a big fat fail barr the gorgeous Musky smell. Ah well :) xx

  9. I love using Olive Oil in my hair. I also use coconut oil and you should try avocado oil. Both these oils leave your hair silky soft and healthy.

  10. I use olive oil to remove my makeup sometimes, but I will def try this pretty awesome tip! yay
    fantastic blog by the way, I'm a follower!

  11. I've always done either this EVOO mask or combine it with mashed avocado and an egg. Both work very well and I like to do this at least once every two weeks. It really does help a lot. :) I use olive oil for everything.

  12. I tried this last night, heres my review of it -

    Have linked you in it :) xxx

  13. Im about to try this treatment! Oooo wish me luck and good looking hair! :) i might write a review and let u know how it goes!

  14. Hi, i tried this last night... take a look at my review

    thanks x

  15. Heya Imogen,,

    I Purchased A Bottle Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Morrisons About A Week Ago And Hadn't Used It So I Thought I Would Give It A Whirl Last Night. I Applied This In Sections And My Hair Looked Quite Greasy ,, But Yet Nicely Nourished At The Same Time. Then I Applied Just My Hair Turban 'Cos I Thought It May Be A Little Uncomfortable To Sleep In The Shower Cap. I Got Up This Mornin And My Hair Looked Like Greasy Straw If You Get Me?? Tehe!! But I Shampooed It Only Once Because My Tigi Superstar Shampoo Has A Good Lather And Then I Conditioned It And My Hair Was So Easy To Comb Through Wet And When I Had Blow Dried It My Hair Was So Soft And Silky. I Give This Product About 8 Outta 10 Because It Was Good But I Don't Know If I Think It's As Good As The Coconut Oil Treatment =D!!<3

    X x X.

  16. You can also use Baby oil (Johnsons) it has the same effect as olive oil but smells alot nicer!

  17. I tried this last night!! My hair looks lovely :)
    Going to do a blog post on how i found it!! x

    Please follow me

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