Saturday, 23 January 2010

Product Rave: Tarte FRXtion Sugar Exfoliator and Lip Balm Duo

Yummy! This lip balm is gorgeous, i honestly had to refrain myself for taking a bite out of it! It smells like honey caramel. I am in love with it, i suffer from dry lips and i am always looking for really moisturising lip balms. I have a bad habit of biting my lips when they are dry, which can leave scars so i try and wear lip balm every day religiously.

I can across 'Tarte FRXtion balm' after searching for a good lip balm, all i can say is i am so glad i found it. It has two sides, one side is made from natural sugar which works as an exfoliant, the other side is thick and creamy moisturiser which you use after scrubbing with the sugar side.

I love exfoliating my lips, it makes them so smooth and leaves any lipstick or gloss i apply looking lovely. The sugar side really works as an exfoliant, although you can't press very hard at all otherwise the lipstick will break, like mine! ( i literally can only have it up a tiny bit now :/ )

It contains a whole bunch of great things, this is what is boasts:
Sugar crystals exfoliate while the vitamin E vanilla lip balm soothes, calms and protects lips.
skinvigorating™ ingredients:
  • aloe leaf extract: known for soothing, healing and antiseptic properties
  • chamomile extract: treats and heals dry skin
  • jojoba seed oil: naturally-derived oil that is easily absorbed into skin, leaving it more supple
  • vanilla: fragrant extract with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • vitamins A and E: antioxidants that fight free radical damage
also contains: castor seed oil, sunflower seed oil, sugar, wheat germ oil, mineral pigments, candelilla wax and myristyl lactate

It also comes with a handy pop out mirror on the lid.

I would highly recommend this to anyone, here is the link to where i got mine (click here). It cost about £9 inc shipping to UK from US.

Can anyone recommend another good lip moisturiser?



  1. Oooh want this!! Lush have bought out a bubblegum flavoured lip scrub, think I'm going to try that first though!!xx

  2. I use Palmers cocoa lip butter, its about £2 and fab!xxx

  3. This sounds good! I use vitamin e lipbalm by the body shop that works really well for me,I apply it almost everynight and any dryness is gone the next day!!
    You should also try almond oil on your lips as its very healing. x

  4. I exfoliate my lips too and when I posted about it, I got all kinds of blogger emails with people thinking I was insane. I think they are just jealous that we have soft smooches


  6. the packaging is beautiful !!! =D
    and it comes w/ a lil mirror

  7. im on a lip exfoliating obsession atm! just brought lush's new one, i might give this a try though!

  8. I might try this!
    My lips get super dry in winter!

  9. this looks really good :)
    atm i am using good old cherry carmex, its a babe!

  10. hi imogen i really want to order some darkest brown extensions when will they be available to order

    please message me back



  11. Left you something over at my place. Have a nice night! : )

  12. hi gorgeouss!!

    love the review=)


  13. Cherry Carmex is the best lip balm around. Tried loads in the past and now got all my mates using it. Plus it is a bargin :o) x

  14. i use the benefit dr feel good. you get two tubes, one scrub and one amazing lip balm. I love it! not cheap though:( but it does last forever xx