Wednesday, 6 January 2010

How To Grow & Look After Your Nails

As a lot of you already know from my youtube videos, i finally managed to grow my nails after years of biting (above is a photo of my natural nails, with only a hardener on them).
I know how hard it is to grow your nails and to maintain them once they are long. I am going to share a few tips on how i care for my nails and how to keep them long.

A lot of it is perseverance, you need to set your mind to growing your nails. If you don't really want nice nails then it will never work.

How to care for them:
You should start giving yourself weekly/fortnightly mini manicures or if you have some spare cash to spend go to your local beauty salon.
You should always file your nails to keep them at a sensible length. There is a knack to filing correctly, the most important thing is never 'saw' your nails with the file, go in one direction on each side and meet in the middle. Sawing your nails will cause the layers to split and your nails will break more easily. After you have filed them you will want to seal off the layers, use the file in the other direction over the tips of your nails (see video below for clearer instructions).

You always want to paint your nails, whether it's with a nail hardener or a colour polish. Having your nails painted will help stop you biting as they will look a lot prettier (this is what helped me). Always wear a nail hardener, i recommend Maybelline salon manicure hardeners.

These will really help keep your nails strong, the more layers the better (about 2-3) will make your nails stronger and thicker.
Always use a base-coat before applying nail polish, i recommend a vitamin enriched base coat. You should give your nails a breather from painting every so often so your nails do not become yellow stained.

A lot of people also find it hard to stop biting the skin around their nails, the best way to stop any 'hang nails' is to keep your hands and nails moisturised. Use a good intensive moisturiser, i love Lush 'helping hands'. It makes your hands so soft and silky.

I have tips on how to paint and more detailed information in my video below:

If all else fails you might need to resort to the delicious 'Stop n Grow' :S. This stuff tastes awful but it does the job if your one of those people who bites their nails without realising!

I hope this helps you!

Good Luck :D


  1. Hey Imogen- Thank you soo much for doing the video and blog on this! I was one of the girls who asked you if it was possible to do it. I can definitely see where i am going wrong now! I have been using the models own nail polish and it is definitely helping! Its great! I recently started my own blog and i mentioned you in it for my sections on nail polishes and how yu got me hooked on them :) Thank you again- your great :) xx

  2. As I already said on youtube: Thank you so much!
    I just saw that only in the UK Helping Hands is in such a great "pump bottle". In Germany it is still the unhygienic pot....

  3. thank you soo much for being my first follower!! :) xxx

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  5. Thanks so much for posting this! I have been a nail biter for YEARS. Acually, I have never had long nails...ever. Just last week I decided that I wanted to grow my nails out so I picked up this stuff from WalMart called Nutra Nail 5-7 day growth. It has a calcium formula in it and so far, I've seen great results! I am going to do a review on it via blogspot :)