Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Nubar Nail Polish Fortress & Risque Reds Collection Swatches

Here a two shades from Nubars *two* new collections Risque Reds and Fortress

I have never been a 'red' nail polish kinda' girl and these are the first reds i have EVER worn! All i can i am so happy i received them. There is something about red that automatically makes me feel sexier and more sophisticated. Both the reds i received are sparkly with a shine finish.
Above: Risque Red
This shade definitely has burgundy tones to it, the subtle sparkle is really beautiful. As i said i never wear reds but this awakened a love of reds i thought i never had. Even with my extremely pale skin that i have been rocking recently (without realising) i think it looks fab. Very vampire-esque.
Above: Cabaret Red
When i opened the package my sister literally grabbed this colour and said she was wearing it first! So voila above are her nails with this gorgeous colour. At first i thought this was very similar to Risque Red, almost too similar...until i compared them once applied. This has orange undertones, the consistency is gorgeous just like Risque Red and it has the same sparkle/shine finish - although it couldn't be more of a different red.

Above: Marble Tower
Nubar also came out with the Fortress collection which has many different shades of greys. I have always loved grey nail polishes, they are right up on trend and go with almost any outfit. I may be a little too pale to be wearing this shade as it has light blue undertones, i'm still loving it though - i would describe this as a Dove grey.
Above: Knights Armour
This one surprised me a lot, when it comes to glitter nail polishes 9 times out of 10 they are a bit of a let down - they usually take at least 5 coats to get a good even finish! But not Knights Armour, i only applied two coats and the results were perfect. It didn't become thick or gloopy, it was extremely even and smooth! I love it so much, without a doubt this is my favorite glitter polish! I love how glamorous it looks.

All polishes were applied with two coats + a base coat underneath. I have not added a top coat.

I am really impressed with these colours, although greys and reds don't excite everyone i think Nubar have created some really striking colours that most people could pull off. The consistency is perfect, i can't rave enough about Nubar!

You can buy them here:

RRP: £8

What do you think of the new collections?



  1. These are gorgeous! I love Risque Red and Knights Armour! =D

  2. The Risque Red looks stunning, would be gorgeous with a LBD!

  3. Marble Tower is so unique! Pretty colour :)

  4. OPI did some gorgeous glitter polishes in their recent Alice in Wonderland set, as well as some unusual reds! You should check them out, I just got them in the post and they are wonderful! Gorgeous consistency, great coverage. All four of those colours are wicked, I love marble tower :) xxxx

  5. I'm loving grey nail varnish at the moment as well!! Barry M do a pretty decent grey varnish that looks fantastic combined with a bubblegum pink colour! The only problem I have with the lighter greys is that they show up the slightest dents and marks! I've not tried Marble Arch have you found that one for lastability (is that even a word? LOL)

  6. British racing green is one of my favorite FAVORITE colors!
    tammy taylor