Friday, 26 March 2010

China Glaze Poolside Collection Swatches + Review

I feel like summer has come early wearing these polishes! Poolside is the perfect name for this collection. These super bright neon's are gorgeous, they have a matte/sheen finish and are extremely eye-catching!
The consistency was very sheer for all these polishes, pretty much all neon's on the market are the same. I needed to apply three coats to get an even coverage. The great thing about these is they dry in record time so it's easy to build up the layers.
I tried each one out, keep reading to find out my thoughts....

Above: Flip Flop Fantasy
First up is one of favorites, this is a warmer pink but still has neon tones to it. This has coral/peach undertones. I cannot wait to wear this in the summer with a tan!
Above: Towel Boy Toy
Another favorite of mine! Unlike the others this has a slight shimmer to it and although CG describe it as a neon blue to me this one isn't a neon. It's a lovely muted turquoise. It is extremely sheer, i would say 4 coats would give the best results.
Above: Sun Worshipper
This gorgeous neon orange is well....gorgeous! It applies really smoothly, again very sheer but easy to build up. You could even wear a white base coat to really bring out the colour. This is a creamy neon with yellow undertones.
Above: Pool Party
If you love your hot pinks then this is for you! It's so bright and beautiful! This was the most opaque and even when applied. Very Fuschia.
Above: Kiwi Cool-Ada
This was the hardest to capture on camera, in real life it is a darker neon. Most green nail polishes i have tried are sheer, i have no idea why this is but this one is no exception. I had to apply a white base coat to make it even, i really like it with the white underneath - it really brings out the colour. These polishes are so quick drying, i was very surprised, so i didn't mind building up the colour.
Above: Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
This is so florescent, a real eye squinter! But i love it! I have never seen such a bright yellow, again it was sheer so i added a white base coat. In real life this colour looks exactly like a florescent jacket, it has some very slight green undertones (which do not show up on the photo).

I am so impressed with this collection. As soon as i saw it i couldn't wait to try it, these colours are a must have for the summer!

These are officially released on 1st April.

What are your thoughts on these colours? Dare to wear? :)



  1. omg all of those colors are beautifulllll. i want themm.

  2. ooooh pretty i love the pink and blue one

  3. woah they are all gorgeous x

  4. :O They are all soooo pretty! I want! lol xx

  5. I adore that hot pink color!!

  6. I love all of these colours too! I soo want them but I guess they will be to expensive for me...

  7. how much does it cost and where can i buy it?

  8. Where did you buy these??? xx

  9. I love Flip Flop Fantasy and Pool Party. The colours just make me want some sun! x

  10. how crazy are these colours!?

    remind me of candy...and of course..summer :p


  11. Amazing colours! I really love these x

  12. love your vids n posts!

    please check out my blog im soo new!!

    thanks xxx

  13. Wow, they are bright!! I've just tagged you on my blog because I bought some Models Own polish.

    Just saw your Krave pic - haha! They are so good!

  14. oh meant to add, have you found any nice baby pinks on Models Own? I bought Buff Pink or something, which looked like it would be a real creamy baby pink, but it's more like a pale french manicure pink :(

  15. wow ... I love the yellow and green one :))

  16. They look gorgeous! I want Towel Boy Toy & Yellow Polka Dot Bikini!


  17. I love really bright different colours and can't wait for these to come out x

  18. Wow i love these but i cant find anywhere to buy them!?x

  19. Wow they look so cute :)
    I love your blog and videos!
    Check my new blog out I'm a beginner so it's not as good as yours!