Monday, 1 March 2010

NOTD - Ice Manicure

Nail Of The Day!
It's 1st March and officially the end of Winter but with all the snow we have had recently i decided to do a nail tribute :)
I actually saw this on someone else's blog a while back and fell in love with it - i thought it looked so different! Unfortunately i cannot remember who's blog it was :( I'm sorry, but i thought i would share my version.
To create this look i used Models Own 'Snow White' and 'Blue Sparkle'. After applying two coats of the white and letting it dry i applied the blue sparkles to the tips - the sparkles are quite hard to apply as you need to build them up. Once finished the look is so pretty and very unusual.
I'm really into alternative manicures, i'm a bit bored of the standard French manicure and it's great fun jazzing your manicure up!

Let's hope we see no more snow until next year!

What do you think of my Ice manicure?


  1. wow! these are some of the best nails i've seen on your blog. very nice.
    check me out some time!

  2. That looks really good! But you have nice nails, mine never get to the same length and when they do they break!!

    Where do you get Models Own polish?x

  3. That's a unique look - I will have to try it!

  4. That's so, so stunning. It looks so beautiful and yet so simple!


  5. That's Gorgeous so "icy"'s the perfect winter's style...I really love it =)

  6. Your nails look amazing! Very ice queen from Narnia :)

  7. Love it!!! Your nails always look perfect :) I need some of that nailpolish in my life RIGHT NOW!

  8. Interesting have you tried the mint green yet that might be pretty too

  9. I really do like your french nails the way you did them it is something new and very unique it looks great on you! :) Thanks for sharing!!! :)

  10. These nails look amazing!
    How you've managed to stick the all the glitter without doing a mess remains a mistery to me!:)

  11. They are beautiful!
    I still haven't tried Model's Own Nail Varnishes yet.

    I love your blog & youtube page!

    Feel free to follow my blog :)


  12. I think it might have been Helen & Sheenies blog, I saved the NOTD she did and bought the same colours and did it myself too :) I think they are quite hard to build up because they just get everywhere and then the more you stroke the brush on the more the get shoved around your nail!

    Looks fab xx