Friday, 26 March 2010

Mini MAC Haul - Angel Lipstick Swatches + Brushes

Above: MAC ~ Angel (Frost Lipstick)

After asking on my Twitter and Facebook what was everyone's favorite MAC lipstick, Angel kept on being recommended. 'Plink!' was also recommended a lot, but after searching a few blogs for swatches i thought it looked a bit too sheer for what i was looking for, so i went with Angel.

Angel is more beautiful than i expected, it's a muted milky glossy pink. It really enhances my natural lip colour. I love the creamy luster finish, it's vanilla scented which smells divine!
Without a doubt this is one of my favorite lipsticks now - so thank you to everyone who recommended it :)

RRP: £12.50

Above: 134 Large Powder Brush

I finally jumped on the MAC brush bandwagon and have purchased my FIRST mac brushes! *Shocker*
And of course i am very impressed, they are super soft and do not shed. There is none of that 'prickly' feeling on your skin like other cheaper brushes. The 134 is the perfect powder brush - it's nice and big - now all i need is my prep and prime powder.

RRP: £35.50

Above: 116 Blush Brush

This brush really gives you that great definition under the cheek bones, i really like it. My bronzer went on really evenly. Perfect!

RRP: £22.50

To me spending £58 on two brushes seems a bit crazy for what they are but i know they will last me a long time and i will be using them everyday, so i can live with it :) People always recommend them, so they must be worth every penny!

What are your thoughts?



  1. Angel is my favorite lipstick ever! I don't know what I'd do without it :) It looks great on you as well, very pretty! :) Good choice!

  2. I love Angel it's one of my all time favourites! :) x

  3. Im eyeing on this! My friends love this and they do recommend this. :)

  4. I so wish Angel looked like that on my lips. It looks just the same as my natural Lip colour on me :(


  5. Oh my god.. i love Angel I hope you enjoy it try it with In Synch lip liner from too fabulous your going to be in loveeee!!!! Angel is my absolutely favorite.. well besides Myth LOL!

    Enjoy it hun!

  6. I think I am the only one that dislikes angel! lol I do really like creme cup looks good on you!! <3

  7. Ooo i may have to buy Angel! Looks lovely on you :)

  8. I love that lip color, such a pretty pink! It looks beautiful on you.

  9. i've been wanting to get angel for awhile now, and now i want to even more! thanks for the swatch!

  10. Oooh that colour looks divine on you! I've had my eye on it for a while...I may have to go and get it this weekend! Ahhh how I love my credit card...what would I do without it! lol

    I've only ever purchased 1 MAC brush. I've always been a bit dubious about spending so much money on brushes, but I guess if you look after them they will last for years so it's a good investment!

  11. nice...i don't have a MAC lippy yet...i'm happy just with lipgloss...just got my first brushes too...and soon getting Sigma brushes too...very curious how they compare to MAC one's...u look lovely no matter what...(",)LOL