Saturday, 9 January 2010

Models Own It - Nude Beige Review

I'm really loving nude and grey polishes at the moment, i love how sophisticated they look and that they go with almost anything.

I decided to try out Models Own - Nude Beige.
Before i put it on i was expecting more of a nude than a brown, but to me it looks like a light brown. The consistency is really nice, the first layer i put on quite thin and the second layer i put it on a bit too gloopy, but it dried fantastically. I was expecting it to smudge but it didn't!
I do love Models Own polishes, they are so well pigmented and they glide on so smoothly. I haven't had a complaint yet!

I'm not sure if i am 100% on this colour though, i do like it but i don't think i love it. I am looking for a real beige colour, i think i will have to search around.

What do you think, are you feeling this colour?



  1. I think it looks gorgeous!! After watching your video on yt where you showed all your models own pol;ishes i went out and bought some from river island and i must say i am highly impressed, i love them my faves are the lilac one pearly queen, but i want to get the pale grey :) love your blog btw :) x x

  2. I love the modelsownit-colors. They wrote me that they ship to GER, but I'd have to buy polishes for at least 20 pounds*pfff*

    The "beige" looks like a light hazelnut brown to me, but it is still gorgous. I adore the lilac dream and the blue one.

    Much love,

  3. I really adore nude colors and this one is amazing!! bad i cant buy them in Germany-.-

  4. Lovely colour hunnie,

    if you are looking for a beige colour you should give Nails Inc Basil Street a try, Its a darkish beige and i am obsessed with it at the minute xx

  5. I love Models Own it as well and that colour is fab. A really good beige colour is Nails Inc Jeremy Street and if you like greys The Thames is also lovely. do some fantastic sets t xxxx

  6. Love this colour, Im defo gonna get some of these polishes,I just read your older posts about them and I love the pastel colours. Im a new follower today! :)
    please take a look at my blog

  7. That's a gorgeous colour :).
    Rimmel Lycra Pro in Nude Beige is a good'en.


  8. Grazia magazine just done a piece on 'griege' nails this week, chanel has a really good one!

    You speaking about how you grew your nails is really inspiring me to try! :)

  9. At first I didn't like the nude nail trend, but it's really growing on me! I think i'd luck it much more if I could actually pull it off, haha. It looks really great on you though, your skin tone works well with it!

    xo Caitlin

  10. That's actually a really pretty colour. I don't usually go for nude colours, im always wearing bright colours. But i really do like this, maybe i'll start wearing nude colours sometimes(: Thanks for the review

    xo S

  11. It's a trend colour. Chanel are coming out with Particuliere soon so these shades will be all over the place. I have seen these kinda shades about so much that they are really growing on me. I usually do much more dramatic colours.

  12. omg ..i need to stop checking out ur posts..its killing me ..i luv thisssss

  13. the best dup for channels greige colour is barry m's mushroom! get it, it's the best