Monday, 1 November 2010 - An extremely healthy new craze! Get A Free Box! (Review)

As soon as i stumbled across the website i knew i had found something amazing! The fact you can have healthy balanced food delivered to your door is fantastic - i am surprised it hasn't been thought of sooner! 
These graze boxes are perfect for people with office jobs, and even more perfect for people who can't help but snack on biscuits and anything else unhealthy and fattening!

You simply sign up, choose which foods you like and which you hate (they will then only send you the stuff you want). The concept is really quite exciting because you have no idea what you are going to receive, as the graze team choose for you and make up the box of balanced healthy snacks.

My first box was fantastic - it lasted me a few days. Everything was sealed for freshness. 
The boxes are delivered on your nominated days and sent by Royal Mail.
Each time your box is delivered you have a personalised (which i love!) booklet with everything you need to know about your box - including calories, carbs, fibre etc.
I am so impressed with what they offer and their service. If your looking to stop snacking on rubbish and eat healthily i would highly recommend them! They are also very affordable! can even get your first box FREE!
Use code: 2F41836N



  1. that looks really yummy :)

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    but i need some advice about color.

    Could you please take a look on my picture and tell me which color you think will look good on me? :)

    Really appreciate your help <3

    xoxo Christine

  2. @Christine - Looking at your photo i think #6 chestnut brown :) x

  3. I have graze delivered and obsessed with the wasapeas!! x

  4. that's a good concept..But I'm sure they don't mail overseas..or do they?? XD that would be brilliant!haha

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the code for a free box!
    I've been meaning to order a box for a while now, so I've just signed myself up and I've got one coming on Wednesday :D


  6. Oooh sounds good! Are you getting one everyday? :) xo

  7. Oh and im so going to use your code for a free one :)

  8. @Beautyandthebeast - I get them delivered twice a week. Mondays & Wednesdays :)

  9. I've been tempted for a while and have ordered one for Wednesday using your code (thank you!).

    I've gone for the nibblebox as it seems healthy but with the odd treat like chocolate covered bits, focaccia and flapjacks.

    Really excited to receive it :)


  10. hi imogen.
    please can you tell me if you be getting any whiter blonde hair? lighter than 60 &613's. more white.



  11. I ordered myself a box for this Friday :) :) :) And next one will be half off :) If I absolutely love it, I think I will set up boxes for my husband. He really needs some healthy snacks for his work :):) :) Thank you for the info and free code!