Saturday, 6 November 2010

Foxy Locks Extensions Newest Colour ~ Caramel Blonde

Introducing the newest colour to Foxy Locks ~ Caramel Blonde.

This beautiful dark blonde has stunning soft caramel highlights.  


  1. i dont know which color to pick for my hair color :/

    xoxo Christine

  2. @Christine If you upload your photo on the Foxy Locks facebook page i can help you choose the perfect colour ~

  3. Imogen, for those that don't have facebook, could I twitpic you on Twitter? I'm a redhead so it's difficult to find a match.


  4. I love that you did a celeb swatch! You should totally do this for every color. It would make it so much easier for individuals to choose their color if they could see it worn by a real person.

  5. @DreamsThatGlitterxoxo - Of course you can send me a pic over Twitter :)

  6. hey imogen

    i was wondering can your extensions be used as weaves - this might be stupid question but i would like to get a weave but use real remy hair so i can wash and curl it.

    please reply

  7. Ahh thank you thank you thank you! This is exactly my hair colour so I can get some of your extensions with my next pay cheque :):) I'm so happy! Haha xx