Friday, 26 November 2010

Winner Of Elizabeth Arden Set

Congratulations to....clairabelle

Here was Clairabelle's best beauty tip:

"My best kept beauty secret is..... drink lots of water it really helps to keep your skin clear :-)"

Although Clairabelle's secret was very simple, it is the most effective beauty tip! Many of us forget to drink water (including myself) and it's so important, i myself feel 100 times better after drinking 3-4 pints of water a day and the results show within a few days of starting. The improvement to your skin is unbelievable, your hair feels more healthy and you just feel all-round amazing. It really is the best beauty secret and everyone should be doing it more often!

I want to thank everyone who entered, every single entry was amazing and extremely helpful! I wish there was more than one prize.

See you at the next competition!