Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Best Hair Brushes - Tested

I love Denman brushes - i have been using them for years, they were always recommended to me by Hairdressers. They are known as the 'Hairdressers brush' after all!
They are amazing quality and last forever, i always get Denman brushes and if you watch my videos you will know the D3 styler is my companion :)

The best brushes and what to use them for:-

For Salon Results:
Above: Head Hugger DHH4
The Head Hugger is one of Denmans newest brushes - i got the largest barrel (53mm) as i have long hair and i want to achieve lots of volume. It has Ceramic-coated barrels, which retain heat, enable damage-free styling. The hourglass shaped barrel 'hugs' the contour of the head and provides extra volume and root-lift. Perfect for volumising longer, thicker hair.

For 'Do It Yourself' Volume:

Above: DCR4 - Extra Large Boar Bristle Ceramic Radial 
My personal favorite barrel brush as the bristles really grab your hair and make creating volume with a blowdryer easy work. 41mm Radial natural bristle brush. The ceramic-coated barrel, implanted with natural boar bristle, ensures that the hair is kept smooth and shiny. Velvet-touch handle provides comfort, balance and control during blow-drying. This is the largest barrel size of it's range and has been created with longer, thicker hair styles in mind. If your hair is shorter i recommend buying a smaller barrel.

For Everyday Brushing:

Above: D83 - Large paddle brush 
My trusty hairbrush that has been with me for years! I love this brush and use it everyday. I do brush my hair when it's wet, i know many people will say this is very bad for your hair - but personally i do not agree. My hair is like a birds nest after i wash it so i have to brush, if i use a comb it hurts a lot. I have been brushing my hair with a large paddle brush for years and the only breakage my hair has is from a flat iron. 
 It is perfect for gently grooming long, thick hair. Ball-ended nylon pins are set into an air-cushioned natural rubber pad to  smooth and straighten the hair. The matt finish handle provides grip and control.

For Backcombing/Teasing:

Above: Denman D3 styler - Wild Dewberry
The classic D3 styler is another one of my hair brushes i have been using for years. I featured it in many of my videos, below is my video showing how to create volume using your D3:

Denman recently bought out a new range of scented stylers which are so gorgeous! For me the D3 is the perfect brush for backcoming.

For Straightening:

Above: D79 - Thermoceramic Straightening Brush
This brush works really well, it's easy to use with a blowdryer and left my hair straight, silky and my layers textured! It has soft boar bristles which make it really easy to glide through the hair. For rapid straightening performance during blow-drying. The natural boar bristles gently grip the hair and smooth the cuticle for a straight, glossy and manageable look.

For Hair Extensions:
Above: D80L - Large nylon bristle grooming brush 
This brush is perfect for grooming your hair extensions (human or synthetic). It has non-static nylon bristles that are gentle on the hair but also remove knots making your extensions very soft. This brush can also be used on your natural hair for everyday use.

For Your Handbag:
Above: D3 mini keyring brush
I must have a brush in my handbag - especially on a night out! Denman have brought out a teeny D3 that is perfect for your bag. I have one in my handbag and one on my car keys. So cute!

Although Denman are salon professional brushes they are very affordable, especially for the quality and versatility. I highly recommend them to everyone.

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  1. I really like Denman brushes too :) They are of such good quality.

  2. OMG I didn't know you could get scented ones! I've been stuck with a plain black and orange Denman brush for years! Time to buy a scented one now! Thanks for sharing xx

  3. I have had one for years too. My hairdresser
    recommended it. its a staple for my hair regimen.

  4. Im a big fan of Mason Pearson brushes. Expensive but worth it it. Quality is amazing

  5. I love Denman brushes! My Mum did a hair dressing course when I was about 2 and I have been using the D3 brush that she had in her kit and its still going strong. That brush is about 16 years old!

  6. wow!! I should get brushes of this brand! :) it may be a bit pricey for a brush but I guess it is really worth it :)

    followed your blog already...


  7. Ooo, those brushes look good i may have to get myself some!

    great blog post!1


  8. I didn't realise there was a scented one too!! I need it asap LOL

    Vikki-Gabrielle World Blogspot

  9. Where did you get the portable hair brush from your video: "What's In My Bag / Purse?" Its pink and slides in and out. its AWESOME!