Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Beautiful YSL Ovale Arty Ring - Turquoise

It feels like forever ago i ordered my beautiful Arty Ovale ring from Saks, it has laterally only been 10 days - that's how long it look from the US to here (UK), which was lovely and quick as i was counting down everyday!

I had seen the YSL Arty ring on many fashion blogs and also on a few celebs and have been lusting over it for a while, as soon as i saw it i had to buy one! I am not the kind of girl that goes out and just spends £130 on a ring but this was something different - not only is it an utterly unique design, it's well made and a one of a kind! I have never seen a ring so unusual.

I love huge statement rings and that is exactly what this is. 

It comes in many colours but i chose turquoise as i just love the look of gold and turquoise together. It has gold veins of mottled glass running through the stone which have a very subtle sparkle to them. 

This ring will be something i keep forever.


  1. It is beautiful, would love one of these. Defintely on my christmas list.


  2. WOW! This is a big ring! I have never seen this before. I like the stone color.

  3. Incredible it's so beautiful LOVE it !

  4. Yay!! You got it! LOVE it (but you already know that! Many Twiiter discussions I have had over this beauty)! After I have finished all my Christmas shopping, I am hoping to treat myself to one xxx

  5. I have wanted one of those for over a year now and still haven't been able to save up, lucky you

    R x

  6. i love that ring sooooo much xxxxxx

  7. That ring is beautiful!!!
    I love big bold rings too :)
    The colour is really nice too.

    come on over to

    I am hosting a GIVEAWAY ♥

  8. Okay, guess I'm the only one who's not fond of it ! lol (and I'm French ! Sorry YSL ! lol)

    But it is original...definitely !

  9. Wow. It's so beautiful!

  10. Hey...did you see Rebecca on X Factor had one of these rings on her tonight...i want one badly!!!! Love it...

  11. Hiya Imogen! Just found your blog via one of your vids. Just a thought - did you know you can get this ring from Net-a-Porter too? I expect you had to pay stupid customs charges? But I think Net a porter is UK based. Either way, it's still a gorge ring!

    Looby xxx

  12. OMG i DIE for this ring - ive been gagging for this ring since like July! ahhhh i dieeeeeeeeee i was just about to do a blogpost on it! xoxo

  13. That is stunning i loveeeeeeeeeeeee it. Now on a mission lol

    Missed your fashion hauls sweetie any chance of one being done soon


    t xx

  14. Hey Imogen

    Sorry know this is an old post but can you tell me what size you ordered please hon. I am a UK M/N and think it would be a size 7 but not 100% sure so thought i would see what you got

    Thanks sweetie


  15. I just got the same one!
    I already got the dark blue one, but I couldn't resist! :D

    x Krizia