Tuesday, 9 November 2010

I'm Selling My Items On eBay!

I decided instead of a blog sale i would sell through ebay - it's so much easier for me and it's fairer for you (i feel), so many times i have just missed out on that favorite discontinued lipstick i have wanted for ages on a blog sale because someone commented just before me....so i decided ebay is the way forward for fair selling :)

I am starting pretty much all my products at 99p so grab yourself a bargain. I am selling clothes, shoes, jewellery and make-up - everything is items i no longer need...it's been quite hard to say goodbye to a few things. I am trying to list more every night. I have 150+ clothes to sell!! Lots of gorgeous items including designer goods like a pair of Dior sunglasses etc!

Happy bidding :)


  1. Thank you to post your stuff on Ebay, I'm going to check it now!!

  2. Will have a look for sure.
    I hate parting with anything i have, reagrdless of wheather i will use it or wear it again

  3. this is awesome, i will take a look :)

    xoxo Christine


  4. Ooh good idea, I'm off to have a butchers! x

  5. Much more fair than a blog sale, Thanks! xo

  6. where did all your items go?! i clicked on the link and it said you didnt have any items for sale :(