Friday, 29 October 2010

Clippy London - Magazine Insert Make-up Bags!

 I love the concept of these bags!
" Just tear off your favourite magazine cover and slide it into the specially designed COVER GIRL pocket. Elle–up and Vogue-out " 

 Of course i put Gaga in my bag! It looks fab on my bathroom shelf as it just looks like a magazine, so genius! I loved this magazine cover so I'm glad i can recycle it. 
 The magazine is secured into place with a plastic sheet that lies over the top - this also protects it and is easy to wipe clean. The case closes with two magnets and an inside zip.
This is such a creative and unique idea - Clippy Kit offer lots of other items that you can customize, like totes, clutches, pencil cases etc! 

Buy from: Clippy London 
Make-up clutch RRP: £10

Do you like them?