Thursday, 28 October 2010

NOTD: Perfectly Peach Nails - Urban Outfitters Nail Polish

 Ok so it's actually called Tangerine but to me it's the perfect peach colour! They should definitely re-name it! Strangely enough it is advertised as Tangerine but states Matte Orange on the bottle - confusing! But none-the-less it's a beautiful shade. 
It is from Urban Outfitters nail polish range. I had no idea they did nail polish until i was browsing the site the other day.
 The colour is amazing - i cannot stop looking at my nails. So pretty and girly.
The application was sheer but built up with 2 coats - 3 coats would have made for a perfect finish. 
I love that it dries matte also!
I picked up 3 colours - Matte Orange 4 (Tangerine), Lilac 1 (Mauve) and Mint 1. All are extremely gorgeous pastels.

I am extremely happy with the polishes and the packaging is fabulous, i love the line effects and the rubber top.

I will blog post the rest soon!

Is it just me or is this more of a peach colour?


  1. Totally agree with you. It's such a pretty peach color.

  2. Definitely a peach color, there's a very pink tone to it. But it is very pretty ♥

  3. That's a very pretty peach, it's going to go my list of must haves! can't wait to see the mint and lilac :)

    Malisha x

  4. that color is gorgeous, love your nails <3

    xoxo Christine

  5. Wow Perfect peach color !!!! Love it

  6. beautiful peach color, def. a color a love for summer time.

    I love the packaging of those polishes~!

  7. It's such a beautiful peach color!

  8. Ooh, I'm looking forward to the mint review!

  9. I'm loving this! So pretty

    Terri, xoxo

  10. I have this peach-ey one also, and agree, it should definitely be re-named! Absolutely loving it tho, havn't stopped wearing it since the summer! xo