Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Ok...before i start, will someone please tell me what 'Haul' means? I know it has something to do with a video or blog 'showing off' lots of items you purchased but it still makes no sense, i thought Haul meant to pull or drag forcibly; tug or to transport, as with a truck or cart (thanks to a dictionary). Is it a word that has been made up by the beauty/fashion Guru's??

Anyway, back to my "Haul" :D
I received my asos box today, Cookie decided she wanted to open it with me:

I have a dilemma, i saw these two Claudia Canova Studded Shoulder Bags and i couldn't decide which one i wanted! So i bought both, i am planning on sending one back. I have so many black bags so I'm leaning towards the brown one. They were £25 down from £75! Bargain alert! I love studs, especially on bags. The black one is sold out...which now makes me want it more! Ha! What do you think? Please help me decide :D

I think i do prefer the brown one, i like the fact it has a distressed look about it, and all my other bags are black.
I got myself a new bikini top, i LOVE Seafolly swimwear and asos were selling this gorgeous bandeau for £5! I have a few of this style bandeau in different colours and they usually cost me £35 so i had to snap this up, £5 is super duper cheap!

I bought some more stirrup leggings, i love these ones because they come really far down your foot. The material is lovely and flattering too.

I purchased some pretty 'bug' jewelery, i know the ring might be verging on the tacky side but i do love it :) I love the dragonfly necklace too, it's falls really low down which i like.

I purchased some new bronzer, thank you to my Twitterettes recommendations i went for Benefit's Hoola, i am impressed. It looks natural and not orange at all. So thank you girlie's for recommending!

I am loving grey nail polish at the mo, i bought this 'misty grey' from Models Own.

I'm pretty chuffed with my purchases although i really need to decide on the bag. Thank you for reading. Until next time....x Imogen x


  1. oh...you have a Shih Tzu ...I love them. I grew up with one.She is so cute. Also,I just finished watching your video on the Models Own nail polishes.They look great.

  2. Cookie is way too cute :)
    I think you should go for the brown one, like you said.. You have so many black bags (like me) & the brown one looks a little more expensive I think, but it could be the pic though :D

    Btw, awsome things <3 love ya!

  3. .. And I would also love to know WHY showing stuff you bought is called a haul?!

  4. Wonderful bags. I'd love to take the other one you won't take;-) I have a lot of brown bags, so the black would be kinda "refreshing".

    Much love

  5. oh great bargains, I love the bag and I love Seafolly!!great HAUL, haha!x

  6. About the Haul:

    I always thought that a "Haul" is the result of "being on the prowl" or on a prey. But I could be wrong since english is not my mother tongue^^

  7. I love asos they have some of the best clothes around!
    Great haul!

  8. i totally know the feeling when you have so many objects of the same color so you try to be different but i like the black one better :( lol the brown one is nice also though, either way you cant go wrong!

  9. Love everything you bought!! your dog is the cutest ;) I would lean towards the brown bag only because you have most in black.....Loving the grey polish :)

  10. Funny thing is I own everything in black or grey and this past weekend I needed new boots. I asked for my size in the grey tried them on...they were cute however I ended up with chocolate brown and love them...I really think the brown bag would work !!! just my opinion ;)

  11. Cookie is so cute! I agree you should keep the brown bag. I love the dragonfly necklace!

    Btw, I saw your youtube vid where you said you like the Bourjois chocolate bronzer - if you want something comparable you should check out Too Faced bronzer in Chocolate Soleil - it also smells like coco and looks great.

  12. I think it means you bought so many things you had to haul them home from the shops? That was my assumption of 'haul' anyway lol! Love the bags, black would be my personal favourite just as it will go with more things. I don't think the jewellery is tacky but I prefer the necklace as I am liking gold at the moment. Great post x

  13. I love the bags. I too, am leaning more towards the brown bag. I own many black bags too, and honestly, you can't go wrong with them! But sometimes it's nice to get other colors. You need at least one brown bag. I like bold colored bags as well. :) I just bought this lovely turquoise bag from Michael Kors and its great.

  14. I love those leggings, what were they called on asos...

  15. the grey nail polish is nice =D

    keep both bags !!!
    you can never have too many black bags!!!

  16. Hi Hunnii , I think you definitely should go with the brown since u have black ones !! btw the ring is from ASOS as well ? Loving it !!!

  17. how much wer the bags lov em r thy leather x

  18. I definately prefer the brown one, especially if you already have a ton of black bags. Also, the dragonfly ring is super cute because it's so different and big. I love big rings right now. :)

  19. Your nails are beautiful :) x