Monday, 7 December 2009

Sparkle Case

I was kindly sent this beautiful ipod case by Lux Addiction, i showed it in my 'Whats in my bag/purse' video and everyone went crazy for it, so i uploaded a full review on Youtube. Here are a few more pics of my case.

It sparkles so much, i love it!
Lux Addiction are going to sponsor me two FREE cases each month to give away to my lovely subscribers and followers! So keep checking back if you want one :)


  1. Yay!!! These cases are absolutely amazing!!! I have my fingers crossed on this one :)

    might I add....that nail colour is gorgeous :D
    and....your purse you showed in your video is awesome!

  2. Wow that's so cool those cases are gorge. I can't actually enter to win one as my blackberry is my work phone and I don't think they are into bling but it's a great prize x

  3. o la la! they are gorgeous!
    thanks for following:) xx

  4. those cases are so gorgeous!
    I hope i can win one (:

  5. AHH! That's adorable. I've seen a bunch of those online before for sale, but they're so expensive!!

    BTW, your blog is so adorable and so are you! :)


    That is GORGEOUS
    Now a follower ;)

  7. omg! thats so pretty! at first i thought it was a box clutch! lol its lovely! id so love to win one! cant wait for the giveaways! x

  8. Omg That would look awesome on my Iphone :) I hope I can win!

  9. The case is wonderful. I saw in your review and fell in love. I also love your extensions, I bought it a month ago =) sorry for my English ... I am Italian =P I hope I can win!

  10. what a lovely cover for a Ipod, thank you very much for all your videos love them all and look forward to the 18 of december when new hair arrives så i can by it :-) p.s You are so beautiful!!

    xxx Luise from Denmark

  11. that is really pritty erm what style is it? could you please make a giverway on the case shown above if possible? :)

  12. I agree, these phone cases are beautiul and I ordered one for myself and one for my Mom after I saw them here. One arrived broken with stones missing, they did replace it, but the company is very difficult to deal with. They also didn't work with our phones because they covered the sensor with the plastic rhinestones. Anyway, it's a long story that took forever and I just wanted to warn anyone who wants to order from this company. Buyer Beware =(
    BTW imogen, I LOVE your blog, your videos are wonderful and super informative and I'm super jealous of your new mini =) It's super cute =)