Tuesday, 29 December 2009

That's LUSH

I went on a teeny spree in Lush, i really had a good look around a picked up things that i thought would be really beneficial. Lush just smells beautiful. The scents are super duper strong, which i love. If they were food and i could eat them, believe me i would!

Candy Cane Bubble Bar
This is gorgeous! It smells so sweet, and it leaves your skin super soft. I rarely take baths but this will definitely be coming out when i do! You just crumble a small amount and let it do the magic.

Price: £2.35

King Of Skin
I am in love with this!! I'm one of those people who really can't be bothered to put moisturiser all over my body every morning! Even though i think it is extremely important to moisturise to keep your skin supple, soft and wrinkle free. This product is great because when you use it you don't need to moisturise once your out of the shower/bath! It has cocoa butter, Shea butter and coconut butter, bananas, toning essential oils, jojoba and almond oils, fresh avocado and oatmeal...pretty much every product that is amazing when put on your skin. You just rub it all over whilst in the shower, rinse off and taddaaaa you have beautifully moisturised skin without any fuss. Make sure you clean most of it off properly, otherwise you will be left with extremely moist skin. I will be buying this one again!

 Price: £6.65

Mask Of Magnaminty
This is a great deep cleansing mask, it makes your skin feel beautifully soft afterwards. I used it this morning and i thought it was fab. It drys which is a good thing to look for when buying a mask as it does help the skin to become more supple and cleansed. It has exfoliating particles in it which really get in and clean out your pores.

 Price: £4.09

Let Them Eat Cake
Mmmm i really like this lip balm. I suffer from dry lips quite often and i tend to bite them too when they are dry so i am always looking for really moisturising lip balms. Let Them Eat Cake seems amazing so far, it is quite moisturising, it could be better but it does make my lips feel softer but it does need to be re-applied quite often. The girl in the shop said that people seem to either love the scent or hate it, well I'm in between! It has a definite toffee smell to it but there is another smell in it which is kind of strange but i like it non-the-less. I don't like the tin it comes in though, the lip balm seems to go everywhere! If you get a small amount around the inner sides of the lid it makes the whole tin covered in it. They should really change that design.
This lip balm was brought out just for Christmas, so if you want it i would recommend getting your hands on it asap!

 Price: £4.63

Snow Fairy
This little bottle of goodness is gorgeous, the smell is divine! To me it smells just like bananas. It leaves my skin lovely and soft, and also leaves that beautiful smell behind. Another Lush Christmas special so get your hands on it quickly, i could only get my hands on the teeny bottle :(

 Price: £2.95

Coco Lotion
This reminds me a lot like Palmers Coco butter, and i always use that. I love the fact this has fresh pineapple juice in it. Coco butter is amazing for toning the skin, i think i will always use a coco butter as a moisturiser. It is also amazing for stretch marks!

Price: £8.50

Sugar Scub
I try and  exfoliate once a week, i love how it makes my skin feel so soft. I used the Sugar Scrub this morning and it works pretty well. You must keep it in a dry place and just break a piece off every time you want to use it, if you leave it to get damp it will just fall apart, which is quite annoying. This would be better if it came in a pot. I do like them though, even though the smell isn't all that great.

Price:  £2.50

Paradise Regained
This is one of Lush's more expensive moisturisers, but i would say it was worth it. It feels so light on the skin, i hate facial moisturisers that feel heavy and goopy. I always buy a moisturiser with an SPF 15 or more in it as i think it is VERY important to protect your face all year round, even in the winter! It smells beautiful. The green tea in it is a great antioxidant. It also has my favorite Coco butter mixed in it.

Price: £24.95

Happy Hippy
I really don't like the name of this product, anything with the word 'Hippy' in it makes me think of dirty and smelly! I wouldn't have bought this if people hadn't recommended it. It is actually really nice, the smell isn't amazing but it is really awakening! I do like it.

 Price: £2.71

Skin Drink
This moisturiser is perfect for dry skin, great for winter! It has avocado in it which is very rich and moisturising. It doesn't have an SPF in it but i will definitely be using this when i have dry skin.

Price: £9.94

Strawberry Santa
You can use this frozen or wobbly, when put in the freezer it is really refreshing. I would use Lush jellies frozen in the summer when i have sunburn!

Price:  £2.95

Father Frost
This has a lovely smell, i actually bought this for my mum as i knew she would love it. It has rose oil in in which is great for dry skin.

Price: £3.50

I think i picked up a nice bunch of goodies, these will definitely last me a long while! I also really love that Lush do not test on animals. It bugs me so much when products are tested on helpless animals.
All the products used are natural too, which is another massive plus.



  1. Great haul! LUSH is so much cheaper in the UK than it is in Germany. I bought alot of things when I've been to London in 2007. I'll try the Coco Lotion next time. Sounds good.

  2. The sugar scrub, mask of magnaminty and Marylin hair treatment are my all time favorite lush products!!! I Love Lush :P

  3. I also love-love-love Candy Cane, it's really good. <3

  4. cant wait to try out mask of magnaminty, ive been after it for a while!


  5. Babyface is my holy grail solid cleanser. Swear by it, nothing comes close to how clear and great it makes my face and neck feel xxx

  6. Omg.. Ive only just discovered your blog, where have you been hiding haha. Saw a link on my mates Sarahs blog "I heart cosmetics" and headed on over!

    Fantastic blog chick!


  7. I love Lush! I never knew you had a blog :-) xxx

  8. I was thinking to buy deluxe 20 inch clip in extensions from Foxy Locks,how much the Tax. is? :D

  9. I adore lush and i am always in there. How you went in there and did not pick up a bath bomb i don't know :O Try the green one :) it begins with an A :) its lovely and smells so nice. Also, i picked up the snow fairy too :) i got the middle sized one and my boyfriend loves it he has one too :) x

  10. i got some of their bath bombs from christmas.
    they were really fun.
    have to try some of this stuff tooo!