Friday, 4 December 2009

Models Own It

I decided to purchase some new nail polishes. I came across ModelsOwn beautiful colours, they are so vibrant and they don't even need two coats to show the amazing colour! I love how they have every colour you could want from Neon's to Pastel's to Grey's (which are very 'in' right now). My absolute favorite is 'Lilac Dream', it's such a gorgeous colour!


Lilac Dream (yum)
Top Turquoise

Pink Blush w/ Pearly Queen is now my best friend haha! I love all their items, i got some eye shadows and eyeliners also which are FAB. I am in love with all their products.
These eyeliners are great because they have a sharpener built into the lid, that is the most convenient thing i have ever seen! They also have smudging tips on the ends, this brand has really thought of everything!


  1. Lilac dream is so beautiful! I've never seen this brand before so thanks for sharing :)

  2. hii
    i have a question do you know if they are Shipping International.??

  3. is there anywher, where you can get modelsown in the US

  4. Loveeeeeeeeee Models Own It. Only tried there nail polishes and am now feeling inspired to move on to their make up lol x

  5. Models Own have started shipping worldwide over the last few days. They have a 50% off SALE on at the moment that ends Sunday 31 Jan 2010 (midnight). Use the code FIFTYFIFTY at the checkout