Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Why weren't these songs on The Fame Monster, 'ey Gaga?

As you might know i LOVE Lady Gaga, she is amazing and extremely talented. I have never 'obsessed' over a pop artist before, even when i was younger! But there is something about the Gag, her voice, fashion, unconventional beauty and extreme talent. I always hated watching singers preform their songs live because they always sounded so rubbish, but Gaga sings just as beautifully in the studio as she does on stage! Another reason why i have booked tickets to see her 'Monster Ball' in march...so excited!!!

I found a few songs and i don't understand why these are not on her new album 'The Fame Monster'!? They are fab! Considering she only added a measly 8 new songs to her re-released album she could have easily put more on...

LADY GAGA: Reloaded (Feat. Rodney Jerkins)

Lady Gaga - No Way

Lady Gaga - Filthy Pop

Lady Gaga feat Kelenna - Kaboom (not sure if this one is really gaga)


  1. i also love gaga - and the songs are amazing!

  2. Kaboom is freaking amazing! The rest is a bit too similiar to my ears (at first listening, maybe they will grow on me).
    But Lady Gaga is great, no question.

  3. Im actually listening to her right now haha :) My favourite song from her at the moment is Again and Again :) Bestest song!

  4. I am in love with her music! I think she is a little crazy but aren't we all?!?

  5. i Have no idea what those other Songs are..lol But No Way i Love that song i was just listening to that a few minutes ago.. Gaga is AMAZING!! Love your blog..

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  6. I cant beleive she didnt put 'Fashion' on it, especially after it was on Confessions Of A Shoppaholic or whatever the film was called, its an amazingly good song, easy one of her best! xx

  7. Lady gaga has creative fashion taste.
    very influential

  8. LOveee Gaga too!! Shes so funky, love it!!

    LOVe your blog!!!!

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  9. I love Lady Gaga, but she is a good buisness woman it seems... no doubt they will end up on the next album. She is such a fab performer though, that gig will be awesome!

  10. Another great song by her is Second Time Around! The Fame Monster is brill- Favorite for sure is Dance in the Dark and Telephone :) xx

  11. None of these songs fit the sound of Monster. I do like them but if these songs were on Monster it would've been wierd.
    I especially LOVE Kaboom, it kinda doesn't sound like her but great song.

  12. im obsessed with gaga and no way.
    sooo gooddd.

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  14. Luv her; She reminds me of Gwen Stefani on Filthy Pop...