Thursday, 3 December 2009

Foxy Locks Clip In Hair Extensions Contest (CLOSED)

Contest is up on Youtube now!
I decided to give away one big prize and 4 smaller prizes, so more people get a chance to be rewarded for their great entries! I hope everyone has got some good idea's :) I am so excited to see them x


  1. i waited a week to order your hair extensions and now the waiting time for them to be in stock has went to the 25-29th march. whats that about? email me at and let me know. im keen to get them but not waiting any longer.

  2. thinking of getting hair extensions from my birthday, but im not sure where to get them from.
    my friends tell me to online shop here clip in extensions uk they sell hair clip - in extensions at a reasonable price..

  3. hello, I saw on your website that you don't have the Imogen extensions any more. Please tell me when do you think they will be available again? Thank you.

  4. hey i was wondering when the imogen blonde highlights will be back in stock??