Thursday, 17 December 2009

Beth's Blue

As you all already probably know, i am obsessed with Models Own nail polishes. I have so many! I decided to purchase two more colours, Beth's Blue & Champagne (i will do another blog post on this colour when i try it out).
Beth's Blue is a stunning colour, it reminds me quite a lot like my favorite Lilac Dream by Models Own.
I think this is a new colour from Models Own It as i didn't see it before when i ordered all my other ones. It is up there is in my new favorites. It glides on so smoothly and evenly. I only had to put one coat on and it looked perfect, but i did put on a second just to even out any missed edges!

It does look more 'blue' in the photo's, on my fingers i think it looks a violet colour.
(with flash)

(without flash)

Ok...i know it looks nothing like them in my pictures but in 'real life', It really reminds me a lot like parma violets!

I hope Models own keep coming with more fabulous colours, i have to be one of their best customers now :D



  1. I love that colour too, I just made another order!

  2. I don't know to send you my information on here. My email address is I won your luxaddiciton contest. I'll also leave a comment on your youtube channel. :)


  3. i like the color without the flash!!!