Monday, 1 February 2010

TAG: The Cutest Things In My Room

I tag YOU!
I searched out all the cutest things in my room, cute to me means cupcakes, pink and anything miniaturized.
Here's my items:
You have to admit, these are the cutest key chains you have ever seen :)
I am in love with Kidrobot's Yummy Breakfast Keychains. They usually come in 'blind' boxes so you never know which ones you are going to get. It shows you on the box what chance you have of finding each one:

 Oooo there's a 1/50 chance of getting the bruised banana, yay :)
I would literally buy the whole lot if i could justify paying £70+ on the whole set! They are the sweetest things.

Next up is my cupcake items, i went through a phase of loving anything that had cupcakes on it.
These cupcake pots are adorable, i store my hair grips and rings in them. These were from Urban Outfitters, i couldn't resist.

These lovely cupcake candles (which i refuse to light!) are also from Urban Outfitters, they smell so pretty. They are definitely for display, i don't think i could ever burn them!

Next up is my Urban Outfitters super tacky icecream money jar. This thing is pretty big!

This is more sentimental and cute. A lovely chic photo frame with my boyf and Cookie. These are my favorite photos :)

Lastly is this very pink Hello Kitty Phone Case and fan. I think they are adorable. These can be purchased at Lux Addiction.

I want to see the cutest things in your room :) Let me know if you do this tag!



  1. oh my word hahhah those are the cutest items I have ever seen!!!! I love those keychains....where would I find some of those??? and the large ice cream's a must have, but there is no urban outfitters where I live :(
    I loved this blog.....your new lux case is delicious!!!!

  2. Your phone case is so cute that i could eat it!


  3. Hey where is your picture frame from? Ive been trying to find a nice one everywhere!

  4. Oh, the keychains are adorable. So cute! I'd love to have one of these^^

  5. those things r so cute :D the phone case looks good enough to eat :P

  6. This iPod case is so adorable...I love it! :) I was just wondering, does Lux Addiction made those cases for iPhone mini? ♥ Kisses ♥

  7. Cute boyfriend honey :)

    I love the cupcake holders i got a couple of cupcake holders similar to yours for christmas & i love them. Mine are tealight holders but i can store things in them aswell

  8. All of them are soo cute!!!It's so lovely to have so much colour in your room!

  9. Love,love,love all things like that. Especially cup cakes and sweetie things. Your Ipod cover is also fab. Got something similar on ebay (but not as nice quality) and now all mates are getting them lol.

    Have you seen Cram Cream


    (check out the sweets coin purse - wayyy cute)

    By the way hope you don't mind me saying but your man looks pretty hot from your pic lol (not surprised as you are a babe)

    t x

  10. Your phone cover is soo cute, looks edible for real! Well I don't really have too many cute things in my room since I am sharing the room with my hubby, you know, men...but it was fun to see your cute things!

  11. I'm totally going to do this on my blog <3

  12. Love this post hun!! :) Love the cupcake bits and the photo frame is so cute xxx

  13. ah that sucks that your out of the hair extentions right now..cant wait until you get mroe!