Friday, 19 February 2010

Nubar Nail Lacquer

I got 8 beautiful Nubar nail polishes from They offer a huge range of stunning colours.
I have been trying them out over the past few weeks and i am very impressed. They are so well pigmented and apply very smoothly. Some colours take a lot longer to dry than others but that is the same with all polishes i have come across. They have a huge range of colours that also come in cute collections.

I love glitters and holographic polishes, and these two are gorgeous! I have been rocking 'Treasure' the most as it's my favorite colour and sparkly! It's so pretty:

Above: 'Treasure'
Even though it's a glitter - it's so smooth to apply and to touch. As you can see this colour is really unusual and beautiful.
Here are the pinks/reds i got. I love everyone of these. The brushes on these polishes are perfect.
Above: 'Oh Baby Pink'
I love this pale pink - it looks so powdery and pretty.
Above: 'Amazon Coral'
I'm really into corals at the moment and this one is beautiful, this is more of a vibrant coral than a pale one. I can't wait to wear this one in the summer, i think it would look amazing next to tanned skin.
I also love these moody dark colours. 'Passionate Purple' is a disco mix of blue and purple sparkles.
Above: 'Peacock Feathers'
This is beautiful, it's ashame the colour didn't come up very well on the camera but it is almost that petrol colour where it changes from blue-purple-green.

These retail at about £8 and are definitely on par with the bigger more expensive brands. They are fantastic!
You can buy these at

 What do you think? Have you tried these polishes?


  1. They are like the most prettyist colours in the world!
    I love the coral colour!!!! =)
    You have such good taste Imogen ox

  2. I adore the coral nail polish!
    wow definitely going to invest in a couple of these ready for summer :)
    Whats delivery like from beautyshed?
    as ive never ordered from them before.
    great post :)


  3. The Amazon Coral is Fantastic, well all the colors are...


  4. @BethanyHaitch Thanks sweetie :) x

    @Danielle The delivery was really quick, 2-3 days as far as i can remember x

  5. I love oh baby pink!!!! xo mw

  6. O0O0O I love the nail polishes. I love the purple one and the Corral one. I love corrals! Great picks! Post pics when you try the rest of them out!

  7. I absolutely love all these nail polishes! I'm getting into the dark/moody colors and just purchased a navy colour that looks like it's going to shine fabulously!

  8. Love the baby pink one x

  9. I love these colours, beautiful!
    £8 for a nail polish though, hmm lol!

  10. Oh my goodness, 'Treasure' is lovely! I may have to pick a few of these up xx

  11. Oh my gosh Treasure is stunning!! And Peacock Feathers is lush too!!xx

  12. Imogen those are the most amazing colours, I want nearly all of them, in fact I got so excited about them lol! Order will be made with beauty shed I think it needs to be done!

  13. Those nailpolish colours aree sooo cute! Love the treasure one especially.

  14. This evening I was wearing a soft blue colour on my nails with blue jeans and a black top, and one barmen said to me that I have no taste because of it(( Imogen. what do you think about it? I was so offensed(( Whay I can't wear what I like?