Wednesday, 10 February 2010

**Vote For Me Please - UK Beauty Blog Award**

I was so excited when i read the email that i had been nominated to win the UK beauty blog award! I think this is the fist time i have ever been nominated for anything so I'm super happy :D
I'm so proud to be up there with all the other amazing bloggers that have also been nominated.

I love blogging so much, i love telling people what i like and sometimes what i don't! I also love sharing all the lovely things i bought with my lovely followers. Blogging is great because it's a way of finding out about things you might not have ever heard about. It's also great to read people's honest opinions on items. Without blogging my world would not be the same!

I would be so grateful if you voted for me! Here's the link: - Use ID: BLA1011

Every voter also can be in for the chance to win a huge make-up hamper!!

Thanks you so much in advance, it means a lot to me. Be sure to let me know if you voted :D


  1. I Already VOTED FOR YOU!!!! :) Good Luck!!! You deserve it!

  2. voted for you xo
    love your blog!
    please do more make-up related posts
    love them!! :)

  3. I voted for ya babe! Good Luck, Hope ya win!

  4. Hey, i just discovered you today, cause i just started to write my own blog, and i can't believe I haven't knew you. You are really gorgeus ;)You got my vote :))

  5. Oh, and i forgot :D I just looove your blog design ;) One of the prettiest i saw :)

  6. I voted for you!!
    Hope you win, you are FAB

  7. Did it! :D

    i follow you here, and in YT..
    You're great... i talk of you on my blog (even if no one follow me!) .. Hope you don't mind!

  8. Is this still open?