Thursday, 4 February 2010

Sheer Cover

Before i start i just want to say that the colour i chose was completely wrong - gutted :(
I always choose medium because my skin isn't that fair but it's not that tanned either, medium is usually just right...they come in 4 different shades - light, medium, tan and dark. Shade 2 is usually perfect for me but this medium is more of a tan unfortunately and before you can really realise this you have to open it.

I purchased the Sheer Cover® 30-Day Introductory Kit - which does offer quite a lot :-
2 x Mineral Foundation in two shades (1.5g each)
Duo Concealer in two shades (1.5g)
Extra-Length Mascara (4ml)
Conditioning Cleanser (60ml)
Nourishing Moisturiser with SPF15 (30ml)
BONUS GIFTS with your order:
4 Studio Quality Makeup Brushes
Sheer Colour® Compact
Lip to Lid Highlighter Sampler Card
Sheer Cover® Tips & Tricks DVD

First i will show you the concealer and how it looks:-
I do quite like it, the consistency is perfect, it smooths on so nicely - but it tends to build up in creases which i hate!(see below pic) I was really disappointed by that as everything else about it was really great.

As you can see the concealer has built up in my eye crease, it was the same on my eyelid :(

They come with two different shades, the lighter colour matches my face fine I'm not sure why my hands look see-through - it's pretty cold in my house!

 Now for the foundation. I'm sure you have all seen the Sheer cover advert where they apply this powder and their skin looks flawless, well it kind of does that! It has a really weird consistency, it looks like a powder but when applied feels more like a heavy foundation - which i wasn't expecting at all.
I did a swatch test, i drew a dot with my eyebrow pencil then put the sheer cover on to see how it worked and i think it worked pretty well. If that was a little spot i think it would camouflage it perfectly. Talking of spots the only downside was the fact it made me break out in them! I rarely get spots and after using this i had a few. I think it has something to do with the very greasy feel it leaves and at the end of the day that is visible - a la shiny face!

Here are the results (when first applied) - it is completely the wrong colour but for some reason my face looks very pale which it isn't normally that colour :/
It does make my skin look pretty flawless but you can see where it sinks into my pours. I think the fact that it makes me look so much more tanned makes it look better.

I paid £29.99 for this and for everything you get it's a pretty good price but i am disappointed. After seeing those amazing infomercials i was expecting some kind of magic powder. If it was in my colour i would definitely wear it sometimes - but the fact it makes me break out means i won't (vicious circle!).

I got mine here

Has anyone else tried it?


  1. Hey!
    Thanks for your honest blog post on this as I have wanted to try Sheer Cover for a while after seeing the comericals for it whilist eating my brekkie in the morning! I can notice a real difference under your eye area and it does make you look really tanned-but I think it's a bad thing if the product just sinks into your pores and possibly cakes up? I am sadly suffering with dry skin at the moment in this weather-so this may not be good for me yet!

  2. Thank you SO much for the review! I was debating on whether or not to give this brand a try. I think I'll stick with my original plan -- to get Bare Minerals!


  3. Imogen be REALLY careful because sheercover automatically charge you for the next months supply without checking/emailing/ringing you first! And the next lot is FULL price so make sure you CANCEL any kind of subscription you have with them and tell them you don't want to be charged for any more. I had to ring up - they were nice about it but it was a hassle!xxxx

  4. Well.... the packaging is nice! :)

  5. If you like sheer cover then give covermark a try their starter packs are at least half the price of these and you get 10 mini sample shades to find the perfect shade which is really good value for money. I love this and must do a post on it shortly but finding the right shade proved difficult for me and i am still looking but this is worth the investment for me imo

  6. I've always wanted to try this, but I have quite dry skin so am always a little scared of mineral powder foundations, I have found a rather nice one, the brand is 'Nude' and its not cakey at all!


  7. I've been using Sheer Cover for the past 2 years now (coz they accidental sent me two sets and I haven't finished it yet) and I totally agree that they really hype on about how good it is. For me I apply only a tiny bit on with my MAC 182 buffer brush and it gives me a nice healthy light coverage which is great for my skin. Perhaps you used too much on the first go? I don't use their concealer though as I really need a high coverage concealer to make up for sheer covers light coverage and so teamed up with that I get flawless healthy skin. Its strange that the medium is too dark for you as I use the medium and I am quite fair (in winter though it goes get a tad bit too dark for me). Its too bad that it broke you out, not everyone can wear mineral foundations. I personally cannot wear any liquid foundations or non mineral powdered foundations which is very limiting to me grrr. Its funny how our skin works differently to others. Overall the best thing for me about sheer cover is that I only have to use a very little amount and I really do buff it in with my kabuki brush. So maybe thats why it felt so heavy, dark and broke you out? Keep up the blog and the video's their really helpful =) xx

  8. Hi Imogen.. Thank you for showing us this. I nearly brought some of this but now i shall stick with bare minerals! At least i can have a good look and a chat with the girls in John Lewis before making a mistake! I hate that getting all excited and the product lets you down :( xxx

  9. I am a fan of Sheer Cover. I am a bit older than you and I use it to cover the uneven tones of my face. You are correct about the concealer. I have been looking for something a little more and happened onto your blog to see the review for Estee Lauder which I will give a try in the spring. Thank you.

  10. If i had seen that you were gonna get sheer cover id of adviced you otherwise!!! a couple years ago i broke out in crap and my skin was AWFUL and of course i was falling for sheer covers ad!! but since ive been let down b4 on other products i googled it...nearly every single thing that came up was a horrible review of the product!!and EVERY single one of them had complained about sheer cover continuing to charge them even after they had cancelled their account!!!2 days later i found my friend really excited(as she had jst received her SC pack)and of course was sooooo dissapointed with it all....she tried to cancel it..they fed her some bull bout not being able to do that until they receive everything back in its original packaging....she sent everything back, cancelled the lot...BUT it wasnt over yet!! she was charged something like 30 euros a month for 6 months!!! thank god everything is finally sorted now!!!
    make sure you ring them non stop and cancle your account straight away imogen!!!

  11. Such pretty packaging :)

    Lots of love,

  12. I have been using Bare Minerals for maybe 10 years. I use the "fairly light" and my skin looks great and it has gotten noticebly better. Im not endorsed. Just a hard core fan. I get them at Ulta Stores.... they have a website. Have you tried those?

  13. I treid Sheer cover and hated it btw.... BARE MINERALS uis the way tooooo goooooo. My skin is LUMINOUS!

  14. I've used Sheer Cover before and it worked OK for me, wasn't amazing like the Ad said however my friends mum who'd had surgery on her face that had left scarring was looking for something to cover it up tried this and you literally couldnt see any kind of marks anything I guess it just depends on the person!xxx

  15. hi imogen. have you tried jane iredale. im abeauty therapist n i use jane iredale all the time! i love them! its a bit pricey but well worth the money! these days u have to be careful of so called 'mineral make ups' as according to legisaltion they only need to have 2 small amounts of minerals to be able to call their product a mineral make up( which isnt a lot.) could be y u broke out?
    wereas Jane iredale is 100% minerals!!