Sunday, 21 February 2010

Product Rave: Kao Essential Damage Hair Treatment - Rich Premier

If you read my blog you will know i am always on the search to find a good hair treatment, this week i purchased 'Essential Rich Premier' hair treatment. This hair mask provides intensive care, especially for the last 15cm of hair, which is most prone to dryness, tangles and split ends caused by chemical treatments and styling.
It penetrates deeply into the hair core to repair and moisturize without the heavy feel, so hair becomes easy to manage and style.
After seeing Xiaxue's blog post on this hair treatment i had to try it. Her hair looked amazing! Whether or not hers was an advert - i was sold!
I bought mine from an ebay seller in Japan for about £16, a little expensive but worth it - I'm sure in Singapore where it originates from it's probably half that price or less. That's the only downside of it not being out over here - fingers crossed it does.

I decided i wanted to do some tests with a really old set of hair extensions (not Foxy Locks!) that were all tangled up and dry - they are about 3 years old and i don't wear them anymore. I also did a test on my own hair but because my hair isn't in bad condition i wanted to see how it would work on hair that was very damaged, so i also used a set of extensions that had be dyed repeatedly over a week - maybe three times or so with bleach, so you can imagine they were looking a bit worse for wear.

Up-first i will tell you my results, and how i felt the treatment benefited my hair.
My hair gets very tangled after washing it, i HAVE to brush/comb it when it's wet otherwise it would be a dreadlock mess - i know people always say it's bad to brush your hair when it's wet but my hair seems fine to me and i've been doing it since i was little :)
I can't read the directions as they are not in English but here's what i did:
After shampoo and conditioner i added a table spoon amount from root to tip, left it for 5 mins then i combed my hair through. Straight away the comb went through my hair so smoothly, finding it no problem getting out the tugs and knots. When i washed it out i could feel how soft my hair was - it felt amazing! After putting it on my roots i was a bit cautious that it would make them look very greasy (i never normally put conditioner on my roots), after blow drying my roots weren't greasy at all and my hair felt lovely and soft. The smell was gorgeous too, very similar to Guava fruit.

Up next i am going to show you the results when i used it on a tangled hair extensions weft. I bought these extensions three years ago:
To be fair the before picture isn't brushed at all so it looks really bad but they were in awful condition. You can see how much smoother they look after - they literally look repaired!

Very soft and silky! The ends look much neater. After years of curling and lots of hairspray, this treatment works wonders. If your hair is damaged you have to get this!

My next test was on some 'over-dyed' extensions, before the treatment they were very dry - i don't think the hairdresser had even bothered to wash off all the dye properly. You could never wear them in the state they were in, this is why high quality dye should always been used on extensions and they should never be re-dyed more than once if possible.

Above is the after result. As you can see the hair doesn't look damaged or dry at all and this hair was literally bleached and dyed over and over - pretty amazing results?! Very shiny and manageable.

On both these treatments i left the product on for 15 mins and combed the hair through after applying. They were then blow dried and straightened.
You can see the results are unbelievable, this is definitely one of the best treatments i have tried so far!

Rich Premier Formulated with honey & milk protein to protect and strengthen. Plus Shea Butter to repair and moisturize.

I am going to try out all of the other products and will keep you up to date with what i think. I can't wait to try the 'Nuance Airy'.
I bought mine here: Ebay



  1. ooooooh this stuff looks amazing im very tempted to try it!!! i have the driest ends ever (damn straightners) and am on the look out for a decent intensive conditioner hmm...

    pls check out my first blog!!! It is about my top 10 beauty products :) what are yours??


  2. Omg! I am seriously going to get this
    those pictures youve shown are so good!
    How much did your one cost & how much do you have to use? ox

  3. Wow, your hair look gorgeous!! So shiny ^^

  4. Wow that stuff looks brill I bet it smells nice too x

  5. WOW i need this product but out of stock. I have bonded extensions and they are mega dry so been looking for something for ages

    Thanks honey xxx

  6. HEHE just found it and purchased it - fingers crossed will let you know what i think. Thanks hon t xx

  7. wow, thats pretty amazing !!

  8. Does it list the ingredients on the bottle? Or do you know where I can find them? Thanks!

  9. that looks amazing! I've got to go look for it. I love Xiaxue's blog too!

  10. i'm from singapore and using it! it's awesome and smells great! it's much cheaper over here in singapore though... i got mine less than 10 singapore dollars!


  12. I can't find this anywhere online! ):

  13. Even the jar looks good!!
    I'm a huge honey junkie and that looks eatable!! :p haha

  14. Anyone one where i can buy this in Malaysia?

  15. Mine has just arrived. Cant wait to try it xx

  16. Hi Imogen, just a quick note to say thanks so much for posting this review. I have just used mine and it is fantastic. I have normal hair extensions and have a mare with them at times as they can get so dry but this stuff is wicked. I used them on the ends for 15 mins like you and they are so soft and silky. Keep the reviews coming you are fab xxx

  17. next time if you guys want it i could get it for you guys : ) just let me know, i think if you have friends all over the world, you could try on different products isn't it neat ?

  18. Can't wait to get mine! I just bleached my hair and am in need of extra moisture...Ends are dead.
    Great blog btw, I'm a new reader!! :)

  19. I have read it all and am fully impressed from this blog and would like to share all these with my other friends too thanks

    men hair care

  20. M :
    i've been searching for it too but i only found it on ebay.

  21. I suggested this product to this asian website since I was also buying this product on ebay and they finally posted it for $6.90 (US) on
    they have the shampoos and conditioners (which i also use and they're incredible as well) and the treatments, both Rich Premier and Nuance Airy (:

  22. omg, I live in Singapore. tts only $9 sing dollars which is equivalent to ur 4 pounds