Friday 30 December 2011

December Christmas Glossy Box

I received the beautiful December Glossy Box, packed full of lovely products. I am as usual so impressed with everything! 
More pics below...

Blink + Go Eyeshadow and Blush - this sleek compact is gorgeous, it has an array of gorgeous eyeshadow shades plus two pretty blushes (pink and coral) which are underneath the eyeshadows.

The colours are extremely pigmented and rich in texture.

Deborah Lippmann 'the Stripper to go' - these nail polish remover finger mitts are A must have for your bag, especially for travelling. These convenient wipes will clean all 10 fingers in one go.

Cargo Lip Gloss - Tokyo
Stunning, super shiny rose pink gloss

Nip + Fab Spot Fix - I love this product, sometimes I get the odd spot that lingers under the skin and this will help clear it up in no time. It contains Salicylic acid + tea tree which will dry those spots out!
Rituals Hammam Delight Foaming shower gel - I love the smell of this gel! It's so fresh and helps wake me up in the shower, I like to use this foaming gel for shaving. It leaves my legs so soft and smooth.

Deborah Lippmann polish - Razzle Dazzle
A stunning Burgundy sparkle. Perfect for the party season!

I love opening my GlossyBox, not knowing what you're going to get each month makes the whole experience extremely exciting! The products are always extremely high quality.

Sign up to GlossyBox here: Link
Have you tried GlossyBox yet? What do you think?

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Color Your Smile Lip Plumping Glosses - Whitening Lightning

Icicle: Light pink with sparkle

Crystal: Nude peach with sparkle

Vilu: Mid-tone Plum with sparkle

Whitening Lightning have just launched their new lip gloss range 'Color Your Smile', the collection has been specially formulated to plump the lips and help reduce wrinkles - they include collagen peptides to speed up cell renewal to increase lip size safely and painlessly.

They are slightly different to what I expected, I have used other lip pumping glosses and they have that stinging effect, whereas these don't - they feel smooth, like a normal gloss but still give that fuller lip appearance. 
The colours are gorgeous, both Crystal and Icicle are lovely light shades whereas Vilu is a sulty darker shade. Vilu is described as a bronze on the website but personally I think it is much more of a plum colour. The colours can be built up to create a stronger or apply less for a more subtle colour.

They come with convenient LED lights in the lid, which is great if you're out in the evening and need to touch up your lippy! They also have a mirror on one side.
They are the perfect purse companion!

Buy from:

Use code: FOXY70 for 70% off!
RRP: $38 - 70% = $11.40 (£7.30)

I love these glosses and they will definitely be a staple item for my bag!

Saturday 17 December 2011

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush review

I have always used a normal manual toothbrush, I never realised how inadequate they were until I tried the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric toothbrush, I was blown away by how clean and sparkly my teeth were - even after the first use my teeth were noticeably cleaner and whiter.

I normally go to a hygienist dentist every few months to get my teeth professionally cleaned, to remove plaque that a normal toothbrush cannot get to. After the first few uses of my DiamondClean toothbrush it had removed all noticeable plaque build up! I was honestly shocked, it's like a mini hygienist! I now don't need to go to my dentist as much because my teeth are so clean and white. Using this brush twice a day will give you amazing results! It also plugs into your computer!

 It comes with a nifty chargeable glass which will conveniently charge your toothbrush after every use.

 Two 'snap on' brush heads are included, one larger for all-round cleaning and one small to get right into each tooth gap. Diamond-Shaped bristles create more scraping surfaces to sweep away plaque.

 The kit includes a charging travel case which has a USB connector, which is perfect when on the move. Plug it into your PC and it charges in no time.

The toothbrush has 5 cleaning modes: Clean, White, Polish, Gum Care and Sensitive.

I would never go back to a manual toothbrush! My teeth will thank me for it. 
You can pick up one of these for £250, which is pricey but honestly worth it. The clean you get is like a dentist clean and you will have it for years as the heads are replaceable. 

This review contains a sample product sent for consideration by PR. This is my 100% honest opinion.

Monday 5 December 2011

UV Gel Nails + OPI What's with the Cattitude Nail Polish Swatches


After breaking four of my beloved long nails I decided to get some falsies, after some research I was set on getting Gel nails - according to some they do not damage your nail as much as Acrylics. 

I was at Westfields shopping Centre in Shepard's Bush, London when I saw Le Monde Nails. They offer an extensive range of nail treatments, I chose UV Gel - which I had never heard of before. The gel sets under UV light, giving the same effect as Acrylics. The results were beautiful.


After the technician applies the false tips, she then paints on the gel. In order for the gel to set it must go under UV lights. I put my hands in the UV light box, the sensation is very strange - the gel heats up very quickly and gets very hot for a split second. When I put my first nail in I found myself pulling my hand out quickly, the heat scared me! It only heated up for a second, so once I got used to the feeling it was fine.

The technician who was called Lam was extremely professional and did an amazing job on my nails. The only downside was the language barrier, many of the technicians are forgein and do not speak much English so they don't give you any after care or any facts at all. Although my technician did appear to speak more English than the others, I would have loved to have known how long they last, but I guess I will have to find out myself! (I will update this post when they come off).


I chose O.P.I What's with the Cattitude? Nail Polish (Shrek collection) for the colour, which is so beautiful! A stunning 'icy' pastel blue. I ended up buying it because I loved it so much!

My UV nails cost £50 and took around one hour. 
I am in love with my new nails, if only they always looked like this!

What do you think? Ever had UV Gel nails?


Sunday 4 December 2011

Eyeko Mascara ~ Skinny, Fat + Curvy

I've been testing out these mascaras for over a month and I'm extremely impressed with them! 
Eyeko offer three different types - Fat, Skinny and Curvy

CurvyThe multi-action brush with tiered bristle clusters is designed to plump, define and curl lashes. 
I love the results, although my lashes are extremely straight and never curl well - there was definitely a slight curl to them (you can tell at the ends). Very natural results.

Skinny: The thin brush allows you to get right to the eyelash root which is great if you have fair coloured lashes, it can be difficult to get to the roots with bigger brushes. I tried to build it up but it started to clump together, you only need two coats with this one.

FatThe super sized brush coats and extends lashes for maximum volume. Although the brush is huge it's really easy to use and doesn't clump your lashes. I noticed a slight lift to my lashes also, Fat brush is definitely my favourite!

Eyeko Lash Shield: This clever tool is to stop smudging on your eyelid, it's great for getting right into your roots without getting any mascara on your eyelid. One comes free with every Eyeko mascara.

You can purchase these gorgeous mascaras from:
Use code: E8249 to receive a free gift with your order!