Saturday 19 February 2011

China Glaze 'Crackle Glaze' Nail Polish Collection Swatches/Review ~ Amazing!

I received these yesterday and i couldn't be any more amazed with them! They are so fabulous! 
China Glaze has just brought out there Crackle Glaze collection, which is an unusual and unique formula which causes the polish to literally crack as it dries. 6 colours to choose from - Black Mesh, Broken Hearted, Cracked Concrete, Crushed Candy, Lightening Bolt + Fault Line.

Above: Black Mesh

Above: Broken Hearted

Above: Crushed Candy

Above: Cracked Concrete 

Above: Lightening Bolt

Above: Fault Line

I am so impressed with this collection, and the best thing is that it's so easy to use! You just swipe it on over a base coat (colour of your choice) then watch the cracks appear. 

I did notice that the glossier the nail polish base coat, the better it cracked. I used a China Glaze neon orange under Lightening Bolt and because the neon was a matte polish it hardly made the crackle polish crack.
You can see from this picture the 'crackle' isn't very effective with a matte base. If you use a matte polish, put a top coat over it before applying the crackle.

I love the effect, i love the concept and i love that it takes no time at all! It might not be for everyone but if you like to be a bit different or you love nail art, then these are definitely for you!

It is available in the UK now, i found a website that sells it here:

What are you thoughts on them?

Friday 18 February 2011

Sleek Makeup ~ New Scandalous Blush, Scandal Pout Polish, Molten Metal Eyeshadow

 Molten Metal creme eyeshadow consists of two beautiful shades 'Gold Leaf' and 'Pewter'. These are so gorgeous and highly pigmented. 
Above: Gold Leaf, Pewter: Natural lighting
They look amazing on, they can be built up for extra 'pop' or worn slightly more sheer for a subtle look.
RRP: £6.99

 Above: Pout Polish ~ Scandal
I love these lip glosses, they are super pigmented and really nourishing. Scandal is a sultry bright red. They are SPF15 which is always a great thing!
RRP: £4.29
 Above: One coat, natural lighting.
 Above: Built up, natural lighting
 Above: Dark lighting with flash

 Above: Scandalous Blush
I'm not going to lie, when i first opened this i got a shock! It's a super bright orange toned red. 
I put the smallest amount on my brush and it actually looked really pretty, a lovely coral blush. 
RRP: £4.29
 Above: Soft, light application. Natural lighting
Above: Built up, heavy application. Natural light.

As you can see from the last swatch, the colour is very bright and quite scary. I don't think many people would wear it like that but this blush does look fab lightly applied.
I can see this blush lasting forever as a little goes a long way! This would definitely look fab on darker skin tones.

Buy from:

Thursday 17 February 2011

Maybelline 'The Eraser' Foundation Review - Ivory 010

I saw the adverts for the new Maybelline 'The Eraser' foundation, i was sucked in immediately and had to try it! I always use Estee Lauder Double Wear but for everyday when I'm at home or not doing much i like to wear a lighter foundation.

It comes with a large round (furry) sponge tip applicator, you need to click the tube quite a few times before any product comes out. The application is soft, it's a little streaky and needs to be done carefully. 
I really liked the results, i chose Ivory which i think is the lightest shade. For winter this colour is perfect for me, although it's not as pale as Ivory should be (I never get the lightest shades of foundation).

It covered my blemishes well considering it's so light and sheer. It feels quite greasy on the skin but once set with powder it looks great and doesn't look greasy as the day goes on. 

What they say:
  • Patented Micro-Corrector Applicator micro-fills and smoothes imperfections on skin's surface
  • Super-concentrated formula with Goji berry and collagen tightens & improves skin elasticity
  • SPF 18 sunscreen helps protect skin from sun damage 
  • Clinically proven effectiveness.
  • 7 years of research, 5 patents, doesn’t just cover; after 8 weeks of use reduces imperfections without makeup on.
For an everyday or even base coat foundation i would recommend it. 

RRP: £8.99

I bought mine from ebay 

Wednesday 16 February 2011

China Glaze Anchors Away Nail Polish Collection Swatches

 "Sail away this spring in 12 nautically-inspired colours from China Glaze. These bold and confident brights are reminiscent of a carefree natural getaway, with soft ethereal hues that inspire leisurely thoughts of sand and sea."

This is without a doubt one of my favorite collections! The colours are beautiful, from pale neutral tones to bold sparkly brights. 

 Pelican Grey
Lovely cool toned grey with blue undertones. Infused with subtle silver glitter.

One of my favorites, a gorgeous soft blue with slight shimmer. 

 Sunset Sail
Beautiful peachy nude colour. I love nudes and this one is definitely my favorite.

Sheer sparkly opalescent white, needs building up but the outcome is very pretty.

 Below Deck
Dark dusky aubergine purple. High gloss and very pigmented.

Champagne gold with lots of shimmer. Very sheer.

 Life Preserver
 Stunning coral. High gloss. Another favorite!

Glossy dark green, highly pigmented.

Hey Sailor
Bright beautiful cherry red. High gloss.

First Mate
Deep navy blue with slight shimmer.

Pretty, bold pink with gold shimmer.

This collection is fabulous, the consistency is perfect. All of them (minus the sheer shimmers) are highly pigmented and only need two coats. 

This collection is available to buy now.

What do you think?

Wednesday 9 February 2011

Valentine Nails - Nubar Sultry Red

 I have found the perfect red nail polish for this Valentines day! 
Sultry red from Nubar is a gorgeous raspberry toned red with shimmer. So classic and elegant.

The application was perfect, really even and pigmented. I only needed one coat! One of the nicest applications from a nail polish i have had for a long time.

A must for Valentines!

RRP: £8