Saturday 29 January 2011

How To: Kardashian Curls ~ Bouncy Down Do Tutorial

I really love this hair-style and it's so easy to re-create! It's also a much loved hair-style by celebrities, the Kardashian's have this style in almost every photo! I love how effortless it looks but so glamorous at the same time.

Watch my step by step video to find out how to recreate this gorgeous hairstyle:

What i used:
Foxy Locks clip in extensions (Imogen Blonde, Deluxe):
Babyliss 38mm curling iron
Fructis volume bamboo hold hairspray
Denman D80L brush
Metal slide Clips
Charles Worthington heat defence spray

Thanks for watching!

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Straight, Defined Hair with Body, Bounce & Shape! (How To Make Your Hair Appear Thicker)

I think adding some shape and definition to your hair automatically makes your hair look amazing! In my video below i am showing how to achieve body, bounce and shape to your hair. I also have a great tip on how to make your hair appear thicker!

Products used:
Foxy Locks clip in extensions
Denman Titanium Pro Flat Iron
Denman Dewberry scented brush
Charles Worthington heat defence

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday 6 January 2011

Stunning Alice + Olivia Hollis Dress plus my new US address!

First up i want to apologise for neglecting my blog recently, Christmas and New Year were so busy i had no time to blog! 

I recently purchased a beautiful Alice + Olivia 'Hollis' Dress from I had been searching high and low for this dress but it appeared to be sold out everywhere, since celebs like Kourtney Kardashian had been seen wearing it...but I finally found it and it was in the sale! They had one size small left - I couldn't believe my luck, it was obviously meant to be....or so I thought...

After getting to the checkout I realised Bluefly don't ship to the UK! It seemed they shipped almost everywhere else other than the UK which was disappointing. I read their policy and they say that you can set up an account with a freight forwarding company and then place an order on their site. I was confused but intrigued, i did my research to find the cheapest company, that's when I came across They offered no set up fees just a deposit for your first shipment. 

Basically if a US website doesn't ship to you, you can have it sent to your US address then forwarded to your home address. You pay $8.50 for each shipment that comes in + the shipping cost, they offer many different shipping costs. To have my dress shipped by USPS priority it cost $26 - which is pretty good for international shipping.

I was a little sceptical but i read some reviews and decided this was the best i ordered my A+O dress, had it shipped to my USA address and within a few days it was in my box. Another great thing is that many US companies offer free shipping to US addresses so you don't have to pay twice most of the time. 

When it arrives at Shipito they email you (it also shows in your online account), they then weigh and measure it and give you the shipping quotes. After paying it gets sent - very simple!

Back to the dress....

This dress screams my name! It is so beautiful and quite unique. It retailed for $495 on the Alice+Olivia  website but i manged to pick it up for $261.60 in the sale here, which granted is still quite a lot but i think it's worth it - the craftsmanship around the shoulders is amazing and one-of-a-kind!

I am so happy with my purchase and i am even happier that now i can buy things from the US even if the website doesn't ship to the UK. Shipito also give you addresses in China, Hong Kong, Japan (coming soon) and other US destinations.
I highly recommend this service, click here to get your own  USA address.

Thanks for reading!