Saturday 27 August 2011

The Best Shampoo For Blondes

Before                                                                        After

Like almost all blondes, I really dislike brassy tones in my blonde hair. This usually occurs a few weeks after having my highlights done. It's caused by the blonde fading, product staining, and also by general everyday elements that can effect your beautiful blonde locks. 
Although a subtle 'yellow' toned blonde is not a bad thing, most people do not want that brassy or canary yellow tone.

I have used many shampoo's for blonde hair, some that enhance highlights and others that take out the brassy tones. I have used L'Oreal Expert Shine Blonde Shampoo, which had very minimal results - if any. It just dried my hair out. I do find with most blonde shampoo's that they have a drying effect, so i highly recommend backing it up with a ton of nourishing conditioner after you use.

I recently saw Lee Stafford hair products on offer in Boots, which definitely persuaded my decision to buy it. I hadn't heard much about the Lee Stafford range so I had never thought to buy it before. I picked up the Bleach Blondes shampoo - which has a ProBlonde complex that knocks out brassy and canary yellow tones. 
This blonde shampoo is seriously amazing, I wasn't expecting much but I actually had a shock when my hair started to dry after washing! I couldn't believe how ashy it had gone, it had taken out all the brassy tones. Although my hair is still a subtle yellow toned blonde it no longer has any brassy tones, only ash undertones to it. 

It's a deep dark purple colour and very thick in consistency. The smell is beautiful, and lasts all day (just like when you've had your hair done at the salon!). I would only recommend using this product when you need to, or you will end up with very ashy toned hair. It's super strong stuff! I'm going to use it every time I see those brassy tones. 

Remember not to abuse purple shampoo's or you could end up with a purple hue to your hair (I've seen it on girls before!), unless that's what you like, then by all means over do it :) 
If you use purple shampoo's once a week you can end up with a really nice ashy toned colour if you want to remove all yellow. 
I also recommend using this product on your extensions if you want them to become more ash also, but foam it up in your hands first before applying to prevent any purple staining. Leave on for about 1 minute. Foxy Locks do have a new Platinum blonde shade which is perfect for ash blonde hair!

My results:

Buy Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Shampoo here:

Sunday 21 August 2011

Nude Smokey Eyes ~ Sleek Au Naturel Collection Make-up

Smokey eyes, nude lips + Mermaid hair...


 To create this look I used the Sleek Au Naturel palette on my eyes. Starting with shade 'Taupe' as a base, then i built up 'Cappuccino' on my lids + blended 'Bark' + 'Mineral Earth' into my crease.

Eyelashes: Foxy Lashes

 The results were lovely, the eye-shadows themselves were really easy + silky to apply. 
I always wear browns on my eyes, so this palette is perfect for me!

On my lips I used Sleek Pout Polish in Bare Minimum, a stunning soft nude.

On my cheeks i used Sleek Blush in Suede.

Finished look:

I absolutely love Sleeks Nude collection, it is definitely my favorite collection they have released to date!
The collection will be available to buy from 31st August from
P.s My Mermaid hair is thanks to my new Enrapture Jumbo Waver (Tutorial coming soon!).