Wednesday 14 April 2010

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Swatches Review

I was searching through ebay when i came across Revlon Colorburst lipsticks. I loved the look of them and the colours seemed exactly what i go for. They are very smooth, have no strong scent and are very moisturising. I also really like the shape of them, they make it really easy to apply.
I bought six of them, i will start off with my favorites going down to my least favorite.

Above: Soft Nude
This is my favorite, the colour is lovely. I hate it when some nudes make you look washed out but this one has some peachy undertones which is warming to the skin. All these lipsticks leave a lovely lustre/sheen finish.

Above: Baby Pink
This one reminded me of a muted Mac Viva Glam Gaga. It has lilac undertones, when applied fully it is a very bright pink. I would wear this one on a daily basis with just a quick sheer coat.

Above: Blush
This colour is a light pinky brown, very close to my natural lip colour. A very natural, subtle shade with a shiny finish.

Above: Lilac
This colour looks lovely with a gloss over the top, it can be quite over powering when applied with a full coverage. It's a lavender shade with a sheen finish, the perfect colour if you're into your lilacs!

Above: Carnation
A burgundy toned pink that is quite garish for me, in the photo i have just applied a light layer as it is very pigmented. I don't think this one suits my skin tone. I think it is best suited for darker tones.

Above: Rosy Nude
This i really didn't like on me, it was quite a muddy brown and had no rose tones to it. Other people have said if your lips are very pigmented (like mine) then it can look very dark. Although i have seen a lot of other people that love this so don't write it off just because it doesn't look good on me.

Over all i love these lipsticks and i am very impressed by the colour collection. I think the quilted packaging looks great too. A thumbs up from me!

What do you think of them?


  1. Soft Nude is Gorgeous I am totally getting this tomorow thank you for the swatches =)

  2. The soft nude looks so beautiful! Thanks for the great swatches x

  3. That first colour is so gorgeous, I must go and buy it! xxx

  4. Great post, I love the baby pink. New item on my wish list!

  5. I have to agree with the above comments, soft nude is gorge!

  6. These look gorgeous - I love Revlon products, they never let you down!

  7. there really nice! i cant find any on ebay, what seller did you use? :) xx

  8. are these available in the UK? ive never seen these! x

  9. Hi, Ive awarded you the "Beautiful Blogger" award.


  10. Wowww, they're lovely! Its a shame you can only get them on ebay US :(

  11. I love love love these. I have Soft Nude, Baby Pink and Blush and I love them all!!! They are gorgeous ..i'm a HUGE fan!!!

  12. I absolutely love love looovee your blog and you tube chanel. I watch it religiously. I went out today and bought all the revlon lipsticks you recomended and i love all of them. I actually went to four different drug stores to find soft nude and it was sold out everywhere so i'm yet to still get that one. Thanks again for sharing =)

  13. These lipsticks recently arrived to my country. Definitly, I am going to buy one! Your lip color is like mine because "blush" is really close to my lip colour.

    I follow you. Your blog is lovely!