Sunday, 4 December 2011

Eyeko Mascara ~ Skinny, Fat + Curvy

I've been testing out these mascaras for over a month and I'm extremely impressed with them! 
Eyeko offer three different types - Fat, Skinny and Curvy

CurvyThe multi-action brush with tiered bristle clusters is designed to plump, define and curl lashes. 
I love the results, although my lashes are extremely straight and never curl well - there was definitely a slight curl to them (you can tell at the ends). Very natural results.

Skinny: The thin brush allows you to get right to the eyelash root which is great if you have fair coloured lashes, it can be difficult to get to the roots with bigger brushes. I tried to build it up but it started to clump together, you only need two coats with this one.

FatThe super sized brush coats and extends lashes for maximum volume. Although the brush is huge it's really easy to use and doesn't clump your lashes. I noticed a slight lift to my lashes also, Fat brush is definitely my favourite!

Eyeko Lash Shield: This clever tool is to stop smudging on your eyelid, it's great for getting right into your roots without getting any mascara on your eyelid. One comes free with every Eyeko mascara.

You can purchase these gorgeous mascaras from:
Use code: E8249 to receive a free gift with your order!


  1. Seems from the photos that Fat did give the best result.

  2. All of them look great but I must agree I prefer the look of Fat.

  3. Looks good, my favorite is the fat brush one, looks great on you!!


  4. Your eyelashes are so long!! I also prefer the fat brush look, it looks fab on you!

  5. wahou, i love the result, very beautiful