Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Color Your Smile Lip Plumping Glosses - Whitening Lightning

Icicle: Light pink with sparkle

Crystal: Nude peach with sparkle

Vilu: Mid-tone Plum with sparkle

Whitening Lightning have just launched their new lip gloss range 'Color Your Smile', the collection has been specially formulated to plump the lips and help reduce wrinkles - they include collagen peptides to speed up cell renewal to increase lip size safely and painlessly.

They are slightly different to what I expected, I have used other lip pumping glosses and they have that stinging effect, whereas these don't - they feel smooth, like a normal gloss but still give that fuller lip appearance. 
The colours are gorgeous, both Crystal and Icicle are lovely light shades whereas Vilu is a sulty darker shade. Vilu is described as a bronze on the website but personally I think it is much more of a plum colour. The colours can be built up to create a stronger or apply less for a more subtle colour.

They come with convenient LED lights in the lid, which is great if you're out in the evening and need to touch up your lippy! They also have a mirror on one side.
They are the perfect purse companion!

Buy from:

Use code: FOXY70 for 70% off!
RRP: $38 - 70% = $11.40 (£7.30)

I love these glosses and they will definitely be a staple item for my bag!


  1. Lovely.. Could you make a picture wearing the 'Icicle: Light pink with sparkle' gloss so I can see how it matches with your haircolour?

  2. The first color is gorgeous on you!

  3. oh the first is really beautiful, i love it

  4. Wow they look so similar to Elizabeth Grant lip glosses <3 Gorgeous shades!!!!

  5. absolutely love the first colour! xx

  6. I have something similar as the Nude peach with sparkle from Milani Cosmetics. They're great. It's not lip plumping though, but lipgloss overall gives "the bigger lip effect" so for me that's good enough :)

    These colors are gorgeous and they sound promising.

  7. Oo myyy ... they are gawjus and lovely colors <3
    I so want to grab them for me nwo :) :) I m sucker of nude colors .... .

  8. Oh these pictures are brilliant! I think my favourite has got to be Crystal
    Brilliant post! xxxx

  9. these photos are favorite one is Crystal and Vilu

  10. got mine!! thanks for the discount code!! can't wait to get them!

  11. OMG Those are some pricey glosses, thanks for the code!!!! :D

  12. pretty colors :)


  13. Dear Foxy,

    First of all CONGRATULATIONS! You are too beautiful.
    I want to have a hair like yours. I wanted his help. How do you get this color. I have done lights and more lights, but not even close to her beautiful tone hair.
    I also wanted to help buy your extensions the same. I love it when you do those curls.

    Sorry for my bad English, but I'm from Brazil and I can not speak very well. Please help me! *-*

    Thank you