Sunday, 29 January 2012

Dior Show New Look Mascara Review

DiorShow have just bought out a new mascara exclusively to Selfridges! What makes the 'New Look' mascara  different to previous DiorShow Mascara is the Nano brush, this extra small brush helps to get right to the root of your lashes and extend them. The soft spikes help separate each lash to prevent clumping.

I am using the brown shade which I don't normally go for, but I have to say I love the results - brown is so natural and because there is minimal clumping these could easily pass as my natural lashes! As you can see the brown is very dark and subtle. My lashes were noticeable extended! I also love that the brush coats from root to tip with the small brush. Although I do love big brushed mascaras I do find that some miss my roots on application.

As usual the packaging is beautiful and sleek.
You can pick this gorgeous mascara up in Selfridges (Link) exclusively, they come in Black, Brown and Blue.

RRP: £23


  1. I love DiorShow mascara so hopefully I'll be able to try this one too! We don't have a selfridges here in liverpool tho :( Looks fab though, ur lashes look amazing! xxx

    1. Hi Sarah! You can buy them online, link is in my post :D x

  2. I really want to like the Diorshow mascaras but they just are too wet for my lashes. This one does look gorgeous on you though :) x

  3. these eyelashes are amazing!

  4. I LOVE the packaging. It looks black in these pics!

  5. it looks amazing :) will definatly try and get hold of it!

  6. Looks amazing may have to give it a try but I'm still in love with Estee Lauder double wear and it will take a lot to tear me away from it x

  7. This looks amazing on, would love to give it a go!
    Carissa xx

    Vanilla Crush Blog

  8. Looks beautiful! I have been using dior since i was 17 ( and could afford it...its like $50 in australia) live in london now though so super cheap...I just went from using diorshow iconic to using diorshow blackout..not sure if i love blackout though have you used it?