Friday, 18 February 2011

Sleek Makeup ~ New Scandalous Blush, Scandal Pout Polish, Molten Metal Eyeshadow

 Molten Metal creme eyeshadow consists of two beautiful shades 'Gold Leaf' and 'Pewter'. These are so gorgeous and highly pigmented. 
Above: Gold Leaf, Pewter: Natural lighting
They look amazing on, they can be built up for extra 'pop' or worn slightly more sheer for a subtle look.
RRP: £6.99

 Above: Pout Polish ~ Scandal
I love these lip glosses, they are super pigmented and really nourishing. Scandal is a sultry bright red. They are SPF15 which is always a great thing!
RRP: £4.29
 Above: One coat, natural lighting.
 Above: Built up, natural lighting
 Above: Dark lighting with flash

 Above: Scandalous Blush
I'm not going to lie, when i first opened this i got a shock! It's a super bright orange toned red. 
I put the smallest amount on my brush and it actually looked really pretty, a lovely coral blush. 
RRP: £4.29
 Above: Soft, light application. Natural lighting
Above: Built up, heavy application. Natural light.

As you can see from the last swatch, the colour is very bright and quite scary. I don't think many people would wear it like that but this blush does look fab lightly applied.
I can see this blush lasting forever as a little goes a long way! This would definitely look fab on darker skin tones.

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  1. Hey hun, I bought this a couple of weeks ago, I love it! Not sure I'd be brave enough to wear that blush though! This is totally off topic, did you get sent the China Glaze nail polish set for review? I'm dying to get my hands on Preserver! Thanks xxx

  2. Apparently the brighter the blush, the more youthful you look. MAC Posey cream blush is hot pink and I wear it a lot of the time (lightly, of course). :) I've never seen Sleek Makeup here. :(

  3. what pretty cream eyeshadow colours! they look so rich :)

  4. Oh wow I like the eyeshadows! The pigments look real good! And the lipgloss! Ahhh!

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