Thursday, 17 February 2011

Maybelline 'The Eraser' Foundation Review - Ivory 010

I saw the adverts for the new Maybelline 'The Eraser' foundation, i was sucked in immediately and had to try it! I always use Estee Lauder Double Wear but for everyday when I'm at home or not doing much i like to wear a lighter foundation.

It comes with a large round (furry) sponge tip applicator, you need to click the tube quite a few times before any product comes out. The application is soft, it's a little streaky and needs to be done carefully. 
I really liked the results, i chose Ivory which i think is the lightest shade. For winter this colour is perfect for me, although it's not as pale as Ivory should be (I never get the lightest shades of foundation).

It covered my blemishes well considering it's so light and sheer. It feels quite greasy on the skin but once set with powder it looks great and doesn't look greasy as the day goes on. 

What they say:
  • Patented Micro-Corrector Applicator micro-fills and smoothes imperfections on skin's surface
  • Super-concentrated formula with Goji berry and collagen tightens & improves skin elasticity
  • SPF 18 sunscreen helps protect skin from sun damage 
  • Clinically proven effectiveness.
  • 7 years of research, 5 patents, doesn’t just cover; after 8 weeks of use reduces imperfections without makeup on.
For an everyday or even base coat foundation i would recommend it. 

RRP: £8.99

I bought mine from ebay 


  1. Great review :)
    It would make my dayy if yoou could check out myy blogg, your a big idol for me :)
    Izzy x

  2. i got this and i love it!! :) x x

  3. If it is anti-ageing, I wonder why you go for it?
    Just curious :)

  4. what would you rate it out of 10 for coverage? :)


  5. Im liking the sponge aplicator, looks good for the mornings :) xx
    Lovely blog :)

  6. Great review, I really want to try this one, looked amazing from the adverts, but then they always do xxx

  7. yellowsocks94. an ageing skin is classed as 25 years old +. never to early to prevent ageing :-)

  8. I kind of want to try this now.... The applicator looks a little sketchy to me. Wouldn't it kind of trap bacteria in there? Or is there a way to wash it?

  9. i wanna try this but i am really not sure how it will work with my very dry skin!!

  10. thanks for sharing! i wonder if they sell it here in spain ¿?

  11. Don't you think the brush is unsanitary though? For that reason alone I would not buy this foundation x

  12. Thanks for this hun, I was curious about it. I love light foundations. MAC F&B is my fav at the minute though xxx

  13. I don't understand why companies even make these kind of foundations with an applicator attached onto the packaging. It is so unhygienic! You use your foundation for a good couple of months without having the option of cleaning your applicator (and if you try, not thoroughly enough and you'll lose a lot of product). I really do not get how you could recommend a product like this. I really don't have any intention of being rude, it's just really bad for your skin.

    I think gossmakeupartist on youtube has made a review about it, go check it out please.

  14. Hey!
    I'm studying for a biochemistry degree, and can safely tell you that even if the product contains collagen, it will NOT improve skin elasticity. Yes, collagen in the skin does provide it with elasticity, but a collagen molecule is much too large to be absorbed in the skin, so if anything, it will just fill in pores, but not penetrate the skin or have anything more than short-term poly-filler like effects!
    Science rant over haha x