Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Nubar Baby Blue - Perfect Chanel RIVA Dupe!

Although pastels aren't usually Winter colours, this year is different. Baby blue is the must have colour this Winter! Many great brands have brought out there own versions. Of course Chanel has the most expensive (Riva) but if you cannot justify spending £22 on a nail polish then i have the answer....Nubar's Baby Blue! 

This icy pale 'barely there' blue is beautiful, i love pastels and this is one of the prettiest. 
The application is perfect after two coats.

At just £8 it's a must have shade which is perfect for all seasons!
Buy from: BeautyShed

What do you think? 


  1. Love the colour but not sure if I can pull it off! If I do decide to give it a try I will definately be opting for the dupe! xo

  2. Very nice!

  3. ooh thats gorgeous

  4. Gorgeous colour xxx

  5. Essa cor é linda! Aqui no Brasil, começou agora essa moda de tons pastéis (que acho lindo e fofo), mas aqui os preços dos esmaltes são muito mais acessíveis! Ficam em torno dos £1,30!!!

  6. I love this colour, and it goes well with your skin tone xx

  7. wow that color is so pretty <3
    Its looks really cute too :)
    Im going to buy this :)

    xo Christine

  8. This one has been on my wish list for a long time. It looks lovely on you & I think it's perfect for winter with your long sleeved, cozy gray sweater!

  9. Very Whimsical!! Pairing it with a nice subtle sparkle top coat would be fun!

  10. I love icy minty nail colours... gorgeous shade!

  11. I have this and it's one of my favourite shades ever. I'd much rather have this than the Chanel to be honest!


  12. Such a gorgeous colour! I seriously wish my nails were as gorgeous as yours to be able to flaunt such lovely nail varnish!

    Sorry to ask, as you've probably been asked this a million times! But what camera do you use?

    Thank you Honey-Bee! xxx

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  14. This colour is gorgeous! I love pale blues/turqoise colours- so perfect for winter, especially recently with all of the UK snow! xx

  15. I really love this color, but i'm a portuguese girl and unfortunately we don't have this brand in Portugal :(.

    Good choice.

  16. I absolutely love it! Havent really seen a nail polish in this colour before so thanks for drawing my attention! Love love love.

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  17. Came across your blog when looking for an ice cream nails tutorial (thanks for that btw, it was so easy!)

    I own Riva - gifted thank god, and the consistency and application is terrible. It's so streaky and it takes ages for one coat to try and needs at least 3 coats to show the colour nicely. Having said that, it's a great shade of blu-tack blue, but definitely wouldn't recommend spending that amount of money on it!

    Look forward to reading your new posts!

    Sabrina x