Sunday, 16 May 2010

NOTD: Nubar - Mali Blue

Above: Nubar - Mali Blue
(Love that play on words!)

With all the excitement of the new Sex And The City movie coming out, BeautyShed are doing a City Collection - you can get 4 nail polishes for £24 on offer. 
Maili Blue is from the Carrie/New York collection and is such a beautiful colour. Very shimmery and eye-catching. A cool toned sapphire blue that is a summer must have!

RRP: £8
(£6 each with the 4 for £24 offer!)


  1. wow i love that colour :)

    Btw, I know this isn't related to this post but I have a question about hair extensions, Im planning on going on a beach holiday in the dominican in august and Im just wondering could I wear my extensions on the beach/in the sea etc? Ive tried researching it but I just cant find an answer lol :)

  2. @Keeley You can wear them on the beach - but it isn't recommended to swim with them as your natural hair could tangle around the clips. I know people that have done it and they say it's fine (although harder to get them out) but it really is your choice :) x

  3. Like the Girl above I also have a totally unrelated question.....dont know of any other forum to ask you it in?

    Posted this in your last blog entry:

    beautyandthebeast said...
    This is totally off topic but I was wondering how long your hair is without extensions in? Do you have any pics of it? In your pics I think I can see where your real hair ends (just below shoulder lenght) im just curious :) I guess id like to see how your own product transforms your own hair :)

    M xo

    13 MAY 2010 18:24

  4. @beautyandthebeast It's fine to ask unrelated questions on posts :) If you check out the before & after shots on you will see me. Also on my 'How to clip in extensions' video on youtube i show my natural hair before x

  5. Hi, thanks for your reply, ill go take a look now :)

    Have you thought of adding a clip in fringe piece to your site? I ask as there doesn't seem to be any good ones available in the UK.....a few on ebay but the quality is questionable!


  6. aww thankss :) I think im guna buy some really cheap ones for my holiday and maybe invest in some of yours for on a night etc :) I live in my extensions my hair is so thin and limp, I just cant do without them haha xx

  7. Yaaaay love your love for Nubar too- that colour is stunning!


  8. That blue is gorgeous!!!
    I love bright colours.

    I have hair extensions but i dont like how mine clip in?? They dont seem to stay in the hair and slide down the hair shaft (very annoying)
    I will take a look at yours. I have never heard of foxy locks before, i am guessing we dont have them here is Australia?

    The foxy locks extensions look like they are thick, where as the only ones I can find in Australia are very thin :(

  9. I loovvveee that color! Its soo pretty for the summer and spring!!

    Check out my blog and follow im following you!!!

    Sam ♥