Thursday, 13 May 2010

Beauty Product Haul

First up i want to say sorry for being MIA! I have been so busy recently - i normally get at least one day a week where i can blog and/or film a Youtube video....but not anymore :( But i will be doing my best to update both as often as possible, hopefully get back to once a week soon! I may have some good news to why i have been so busy recently, but i better not say anything until i know it's definitely happening!

Now onto the spending (which i have found time to do...a little bit) :) If you follow me on Twitter you may know i went to London last weekend to pick up my new Mini!! Which i can't stop going on about because i am overly happy with it, it's a massive upgrade to what i had before...

Whilst in London i took a trip to Westfields shopping centre which is absolutely amazing - if you haven't already been, you must! It has every single shop you could ever want. I bought a few clothes but mainly beauty items. Most items are from Superdrug.

First up is Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Pearl ~ Twinkled Pink. I love this colour, it's a light coral pink. Perfect for the summer!
I also purchased Maybelline ColorSensational Gloss - 122 Lovely Pink. This is really pretty, non sticky also which is great. The range has some very sparkly, glittery shades but to me the one i choose was definitely the prettiest pink with no glitter - just a sheen.

 I got my favorite ever powder by MaxFactor - Facefinity, if you haven't tried it you must! It gives that gorgeous matte look and sets my foundation all day. I also picked up MaxFactors Miracle Touch in shade 55 Blushing Beige. I'm not too sure about this foundation, it's gives a lovely matte effect with only a small application - but i felt it did dry my skin out slightly. It might be better suited to oily skin. I will still be wearing it but with more moisturiser underneath.

Of course i took a trip to Topshop to check out their new make-up range. Nothing really jumped out at me but i loved the colour of their nail polish - Big Smoke. A trendy mushroom brown. 

I also picked up Barry M - Pale Blue that i have been lusting over for a while.
This is such a beautiful blue, i saw someone wearing it once and had to ask where it was from - it really is an eye catcher!

I haven't heard much about the Topshop bronzers so i picked one up - and now i know why i haven't heard much about them...they aren't great. Don't get me wrong i don't not like them i just don't think they should be labelled as a bronzer as they really aren't dark enough - for my liking anyway! This is almost orangey but very light. It has highlight running through it - i prefer to put highlight on my cheek-bones and bronzer under my cheek-bones, so this doesn't work too well for me. I would wear this as an all over face bronzer.

I bought two of my favorite moisturisers - Palmers Cocoa Butter body moisturiser with SPF 15 and Nivea sooth and protect lip balm.
I also picked up Garnier Youthful Radiance face moisturising which i have been trying out recently and i don't think much about it - it really doesn't moisturise enough and it smells really strong of something strange.

I finally picked up Batiste dry shampoo which i have heard rave reviews about - i love using it to create volume in my hair! I recommend it much more than Tigi's Rockaholic dry shampoo. I also bought a little round brush to style my fringe.

Models Own sent me some goodies from their new make-up collection. Here are my thought on the products they sent:
Above: Powder Blush - Cheeky Pink
I much prefer powder blushes to cream blushes, for me they work better on top of foundation. This colour is very pretty and very pigmented - perfect for pale or tanned skin. It has slight shimmer to help highlight cheekbones.

Above: Duel Eyeshadow - Night and Day
Once again very pigmented which is great, i wear the white in the inner corners of my eye and fade the black out to the outer corners. 

Above: Models Own Lipstick - Red Wine
This is the perfect name for this colour! I personally would not wear this colour but if you like your dark lipsticks then this would be fab! Very sultry and also well pigmented and creamy. As for the packaging - i don't think i like it, i know they are trying to be a bit different than the usual black but the see-through packaging almost seems unfinished. Un-pretty packaging doesn't effect the product but when products have gorgeous packaging i am more inclined to pick it up and buy it!

Above: Lip and Face Paint - Neon Yellow
I think it's fab Models Own have come out with face paints, they are fantastic if you love experimenting with bright colours. These can be used anywhere - eyes, lips or face! Perfectly pigmented and they don't have that 'face paint' smell.

That's it for today lovelies! I will post my clothing buys soon :)
Hope you enjoyed my purchases - i will be doing more detailed reviews on some of the products soon.


  1. Yay so glad you finally got your mini, hope you are loving it x

  2. Your mini is so adorable!!!!~

  3. Nice to see you back honey, I missed your little updates. How cute is your car, no wonder you have gone on about it :o) Oooo tell us your news I am intrigued lol

    Looking forward to your clothing haul from Westfield which I am sure will be wicked x

  4. This is totally off topic but I was wondering how long your hair is without extensions in? Do you have any pics of it? In your pics I think I can see where your real hair ends (just below shoulder lenght) im just curious :) I guess id like to see how your own product transforms your own hair :)

    M xo

  5. What a gorgeous car! A black mini...yummy!
    I love the Barry M nail varnishes, we just got Barry M in at work so I tried out the black varnish, it didn't chip over the week at all! xx

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  7. i have that exactly the same Barry M nail varnish ive had mine for ages aha and i also have Batiste dry shampoo but in the pink bottle :') x

  8. The nail colors look amazing!

    Just came across your blog. It is lovely!

  9. Love the maybelline lipgloss colour :)
    I am a fan of the nivea pearl shine lip moisturiser.

    Your mini is too cute :)
    I would be bragging too if it were mine.


  10. omg!! love the car!! love it even more as ive d same car!!! you will LOVE it sooooooo much!! im soooooooo in love with mine!! hehhehe... glad you're back honey!!! cant wait to see all your new clothes!!!

  11. loove your blog!!! so informative! If you ever have time come check out my new blog.

  12. I have a black mini too! it's got the chrome wingmirrors aswell. It's my baby. I can't drive it yet I haven't passed my test yet.
    x check out my blog

  13. heya im now follow you on your blog i love it
    i love you eyes and hair wow , please follow me to on my blog i hope you do im new on blogspot so i can use same blog friends xoxo

  14. love your channel and blog! I wish models own was in the us, love the colors they have in nail polish! xo

  15. Ok firstly, the car! Very sexy! I'm extremely jealous! Secondly, that Pale Blue nail polish is gorgeous!